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My world is falling apart!

By wiseriverowl, 2016-09-01

I'm not normally one to freak out and start stressing but today I have had so much bad new that I don't know if I can handle all of it. So my morning started out good I woke up with both my boys cuddled next to me. (My dogs) Dozer in his favorite spot to his head on my back between both paws. Tiger curled in the open space between my arm and one elevated leg. its always a good start. after I got up and got moving I feed the boys got showered and ready for the day. I get to work and learned that one of my co-workers was being fired. A fun person to be around very upbeat and awesome to work with. So to kind of back up a little bit. all the change started when I got my new position. the lady who had it before quite with no notice, the next day they fired our service guy who was great at his job, a week later they fired good friend, then today another good friend. I was justtalking to my co-worker who is our marketing person and she is putting in her two weeks notice. I feel like every thing is out ofbalance...the one person who has neverever let me down andhas been there for me always. passed awaythe 25th of July of this year. Inormally so good about keeping my composer but I really feel likesome tippedmy dominos and there still falling. I have tried to meditate to clam my self but even that isn't working... I just want to sit down and cry.


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