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I'm here for any one who is in need of Hope, Love, and Light. 

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@wiseriverowl • 2 years ago
So lately I have been having a hard time sleeping, So I started to listen to rain to help me relax. I have found that I have been sleeping better, and my dreams are clearer. I still have the night mare of him asking me back and me stupid enough to do it. then I wake up and realize it was just a dream.
@wiseriverowl • 3 years ago
I know its been a long time since I have been on. I have left the man that I was with, I'm not in Arizona any more. I left everything behind expect my dogs. I have been doing better but I still have feelings of fear, that he will pop up out of no where and find me. I know I shouldn't live in fear, or let fear rule my but sometimes it happened. I like to think I'm brave and can stand up to him. but I don't know if I am. When I was starting to plan how i was going kill him I knew I need to get out of the situation. My babies are safe and they happy.
@wiseriverowl • 3 years ago
I need light

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09/05/16 08:13:42PM @rene:
Hang in there, you got this!!
09/05/16 08:14:38PM @rene:
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