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04/26/17 01:55:18PM @twospirits1home:
How is it that I now unsee that in which I've seen? The truth that's hard to swallow the truth of the future of tomorrow.
06/27/17 12:52:52PM @bing:

Hi Twospirits1home

Welcome to the EC.  I am including some topics from the Library of Light on empathic themes that you might find informative and useful.

7 Signs You Are A Highly Intuitive Empath

Lightworkers Will Experience These 20 Signs of Quantum Upgrades

We are also on Facebook at this link.

Elise's Empath Community

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Robertz Caffer
03/25/19 11:25:03AM @robert-caffer:

Thank you for offering assistance. Sharing our stories is so important on many levels. *hugs*