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Author of "Thriving as an empath: Empowering your Highly Sensitive Self" .  I am an energy clearer and empath coach using a wide variety of modalities including intuitive energy work, emotion clearings, NLP, and meditation. I have also had a 25+ year career in I.T.

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09/04/12 05:31:38AM @bing:
Hi TrevorWelcome to the EC. Drop by and visit the "Library of Inspiration".Throw some love into the wind.Bing
05/28/14 08:28:39AM @paul:

Thank you Trevor. I would welcome any one you recommend for akashic record reading.

Cat Whisperer
07/16/15 08:53:51AM @cat-whisperer:
Thank you so much!!
Cat Whisperer
08/04/15 03:15:38PM @cat-whisperer:
Thank you so much, you have been a GREAT help!
10/05/15 08:31:09PM @rene:
I would like thank you so much Trevor for everything you have done for me. I also appreciate your patience and time you have took to help me. Your healing has given me hope. It's hard to lean on a complete stranger but you don't fell like a stranger. Thank you so much.
02/29/16 07:32:19AM @lotusfly:
Hello :)
Trevor Lewis
02/14/17 07:00:29PM @trevor-lewis:

@angellight-worker :

Good to hear from you again. Glad you are doing so well.  Blessings to you!

08/03/18 08:41:43AM @eliselebeau:

Hi Trevor, the email you have in your account is not valid...