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I had an Amazing Astral Experience

By: The Importance of Being Jonny
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A few days ago, I went on a wild astral adventure for the second time in England, where I could feel the British weather on my skin and see the architecture and even a metallic blue back beetle I had never seen before. Both "dreams" surrounded a friend named Nick who lives in England. Apparently, I travel to him on occasion because this is the second time I woke up with a recollection of where I had been. But the first time I had traveled out of the country, even though it was psychically. Being someplace astrally is way different than being someplace in a dream state. I could feel that I was there and recall the architecture not because I am remembering a dream, but because I saw it with my own eyes.

This experience was surrounding him and his fiance, Dannie. I saw lots of symbology in the dream which told me they stood for something. I interacted personally with Nick for the first time(we are internet friends) and also interacted with Dannie. I suppose he was taking me on an adventure showing me details of how he proposed to his girlfriend. I saw a small toy sized pool which upon sight instantly told me it was a symbol for a small body of water. I also saw a banjo or guitar that he was playing for her. We also all went to see a movie together, but I couldn't remember what movie it was. I woke up thinking it was a franchise and not a one time, no sequel movie.

Lastly, we were suddenly in my old bedroom back in Brooklyn where most of my dreams take place. I remember walking into my bedroom where I saw him and asked him if I can give him a reading. We are Facebook friends, so he knew what type of reading I meant because I talk about my being an empath and having all sorts of wild dreams. He said yes, of course. When I awoke, this told me that Nick would be receptive to my giving him what my dream self saw as a psychic reading. I approached him in a message on Facebook asking if I could ask him some questions regarding a dream I just had. He said of course. I without a doubt believe I had an astral experience where I got his permission to give him a reading which he did agree to.

The small body of water was confirmed to be a lake in London outside a hotel where he proposed. The movie was Guardians of the Galaxy Vol II. The guitar/banjo was the only thing he wasn't certain about, but said could relate to the type of song they chose for their wedding next year, which will be an acoustic version of a song. I believe that's why the banjo symbol came up because that and a regular non-electric guitar are used for acoustic performances. This was a first for me in regards to asking someone astrally for their permission to give a reading. That told me he would be okay if I were to tell him about my dream without scaring him away which I am often afraid of.


The Importance of Being Jonny
06/07/17 12:57:03PM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:

Corey Easton:

wow that is insane! how do you astral travel?

I can't control it. It just happens. 6 years ago, I was told that I had an ability to "time travel" which is a form of astral travel. Apparently, I can astrally travel to places even in different times and witness things first hand. I've had a few experiences like this that proved what was told to me. 

My favorite show ever is Charmed and it only just occurred to me that what I can do is also what the character of Phoebe Halliwell can do. This video clip shows the first time she gained the ability to have Astral Premonitions, which is an extension of her premonition power that allows her astral self to travel into a premonition of the past or future to witness first hand what is happening. I was stunned when I realized I can do what Phoebe is doing. This clip is a perfect explanation for how I can do this.

Astral Premonitions