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I had an Amazing Astral Experience

By The Importance of Being Jonny, 2017-06-03

A few days ago, I went on a wild astral adventure for the second time in England, where I could feel the British weather on my skin and see the architecture and even a metallic blue back beetle I had never seen before. Both "dreams" surrounded a friend named Nick who lives in England. Apparently, I travel to him on occasion because this is the second time I woke up with a recollection of where I had been. But the first time I had traveled out of the country, even though it was psychically. Being someplace astrally is way different than being someplace in a dream state. I could feel that I was there and recall the architecture not because I am remembering a dream, but because I saw it with my own eyes.

This experience was surrounding him and his fiance, Dannie. I saw lots of symbology in the dream which told me they stood for something. I interacted personally with Nick for the first time(we are internet friends) and also interacted with Dannie. I suppose he was taking me on an adventure showing me details of how he proposed to his girlfriend. I saw a small toy sized pool which upon sight instantly told me it was a symbol for a small body of water. I also saw a banjo or guitar that he was playing for her. We also all went to see a movie together, but I couldn't remember what movie it was. I woke up thinking it was a franchise and not a one time, no sequel movie.

Lastly, we were suddenly in my old bedroom back in Brooklyn where most of my dreams take place. I remember walking into my bedroom where I saw him and asked him if I can give him a reading. We are Facebook friends, so he knew what type of reading I meant because I talk about my being an empath and having all sorts of wild dreams. He said yes, of course. When I awoke, this told me that Nick would be receptive to my giving him what my dream self saw as a psychic reading. I approached him in a message on Facebook asking if I could ask him some questions regarding a dream I just had. He said of course. I without a doubt believe I had an astral experience where I got his permission to give him a reading which he did agree to.

The small body of water was confirmed to be a lake in London outside a hotel where he proposed. The movie was Guardians of the Galaxy Vol II. The guitar/banjo was the only thing he wasn't certain about, but said could relate to the type of song they chose for their wedding next year, which will be an acoustic version of a song. I believe that's why the banjo symbol came up because that and a regular non-electric guitar are used for acoustic performances. This was a first for me in regards to asking someone astrally for their permission to give a reading. That told me he would be okay if I were to tell him about my dream without scaring him away which I am often afraid of.


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By The Importance of Being Jonny, 2016-09-04

Hi friends!

I saw Elise's message that we will be moving to another platform soon and we'll be losing information such as friend's lists. I will most likely be rebuilding my friend's list. But in the meantime, if you'd like to friend me on Facebook, send me a message and I will request you.

My Facebook link is Jonny's Facebook

Hope everyone is doing well. EC Rulez!


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I am writing my life story. My Life as an Empath-Book by Jonny Foster

By The Importance of Being Jonny, 2016-03-25

Hi all,

I could use some advice especially from those who live a very paranormal life and those who have written books about their life experiences. I have wanted to write a book for a very long time. But only recently(within the last few years) have I said that writing a book about my life as an empath or turning my psychic journal into a book would be a better idea. While this is something I have already started and have decided that I am going to reveal a lot which I initially kept private, there are some things in my life story that I feel I should not mention either because this info is related to me but not my own personal business or because some of the terminology that was included in actual angel messages given to me is something that can have negative feedback. It's really those two areas that I am struggling with.

I consider this book to be an autobiography, but is it a tell-all? And if it is, do I really wanna tell all? I struggle because the publishing of this book can go two ways: It can be something that doesn't take off as I thought and only a few of my friends will read it, or it can be very popular and lots of people may want to purchase and read it. While that part is great, it also scares me because my truth, my personal spiritual journey will be read by strangers who I don't know. Do I want that kind of notoriety? While people know of it being a book on my life and experiences, names in the book have been changed for privacy. So if I write about my soul brother who happens to be very powerful with all sorts of abilities and gifts, his real name and identity isn't revealed in this book. I just fear the outcome. For the first time in my life, I worked in a public venue and I had blown up. I wasn't just a friendly face, a cashier at a local store. People knew me, I was being interviewed by college students and news reporters about my life and so many volunteers and staff looked up to me and relied on me for help and guidance. That level of celebrity as an introverted empath is not something that I want as a normal part of my life and because of that, I fear the consequences of what my life would be like if this book blew up and became popular, or if just a few people who didn't know my real truth suddenly knew my truth.

Is this just normal for anybody writing a book about their life or do I have real concern because of the nature of my life? I would love to read your feedback because I am struggling so much. I have written over 20 pages so far and have 34 chapters/topics to discuss. I'm going to combine many of them so I don't have a 100 chapter book. My life is a story and I felt that I finally had to write it down on paper to tell it. I am a psychic empath growing in many ways and I simply wish to tell my story in a way that I know people will listen, by reading. Otherwise, no one else cares about my life and my struggles.



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Being more understanding

By The Importance of Being Jonny, 2015-10-22

Being an empath is very confusing. So much happens that we question and try to make sense of. There are those who have achieved a level of peace with oneself because that's what they were able to achieve. There are many of us here, including myself who struggle with that immensely because of the chaotic reality of being a being of light. In my personal experience, there are those on EC who aren't being empathetic and not placing themselves in the shoes of someone who only sees the bad and the negative of life. Understand why we only see the negative instead of assuming we only see things one way.

You can't deny that being an empath is extremely difficult. It's hectic, chaotic, confusing, lonely and makes you feel as if your reality is being warped. We come here to share our experiences and gain support from like-minded people who understand what we are going through. I've observed, not just with myself but with others, people telling them to stop looking at things from one point of view and stop making yourself into a victim. No one is making themselves into a victim. We see what we see and we respond based on our observations. There are a lot of people on this site looking for support and people to hear our stories when we don't have that in our real lives. Be more supportive and mindful of how you respond to someone. Just remember that while you see things from your perspective, so does someone else. My own existence is daunting because of what I observe on a daily basis. If I can't rely on the support of people in my life, at very least I can get that from those who are going through similar experiences on EC.

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Parting with my Soul Son

By The Importance of Being Jonny, 2015-06-12

Well, although it's still unconfirmed, I will let my feelings validate whether or not Jade and I are father and son from a previous lifetime. Since making that revelation, seeing him at work was the highlight of my days and I would look forward to getting to spend time with him, even if my day was going bad otherwise. School let out for the term on Wednesday and we spent most of the day together. But as soon as he left, I felt like my world came crashing down and I was very heart broken that I probably wouldn't see him again. I became very sad and emotional and all I could think about was him. He's 14 so it's not like I can call him up and say let's go out for lunch. If I want to have time with him, I would have to go through his parents, mainly his mother, and I don't feel comfortable doing that cuz I don't want her to get the wrong impression about anything.

We are friended on Facebook and that will be our method of communication. Including him, this would be my fourth soul relative I met along the way. But Jade is the only one of whom I got a chance to interact with in person. So I think the fact that I felt so heart broken after he left does tell me something and that was actually one of the main things I wondered about if I ever had the chance to meet my brothers in person. If we reunited via the internet, what would I feel in person? Anyway, it's only been two days and I've been meaning to write about it. I don't know for sure if that was the final time I'll see Jade, but he is a very special kid and I'm so glad I got the chance to be reunited with him. I'm gonna miss him, but at very least, I will get to see him grow up through pictures.




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Re-post from Past Lives & Reincarnation Group

By The Importance of Being Jonny, 2015-05-08

I would really appreciate any advice I could get from anyone. This is still somewhat unconfirmed 100%, but based on the signs which are screaming at me which I did not see, this news changes my life. Since finding this out, I suddenly went into father mode and being around him is very much different now. I'm even more protective and caring than I was before.


"I have shared on EC in the past brothers whom I met here who I am tethered to in multiple past lives. At the time, I thought that was the most incredible thing to ever happen to me. Re-acquainted with brothers from multiple past lives. Ever since, I have been paying more attention to who feels like what. Paying more attention to the vibes and general feelings I have while I am interacting with certain people.

A year and a half ago, I met this boy about 11 years old at the time who was a student at the classroom that is adjoined to the place where I work. I see a lot of kids come and go but this particular boy grew very close to me, and I him. His name is Jade and we became great friends very fast, and that's all I thought it was. A friendship between me and him. When the semester was over, I was kinda saddened that I didn't get a chance to say goodbye and at the time, I barely remembered his name. I knew it started with a J like mine but I just couldn't remember it. A couple months ago, I got to thinking about him again. he was on my mind for no particular reason. All I thought about was how special this boy was and the bond we had.

To my complete surprise, he was a student again this semester in the same classroom with the same teach and when I opened the classroom door to let everyone in, I was in complete shock to see him. By then, I had remembered his name and shouted JADE!! and gave him the biggest hug. He asked what my name was again and he hugged me back. This time around our bond was growing and he acted much like, what I thought was a younger brother. The entire time, I only paid attention to how he interacted with me, the things he says, how much time he spent around me. He was gravitating toward me for a particular reason and I didn't know what it was but assumed he was a younger brother of mine from a prior lifetime.

I mentioned Jade to my brother Wolf who always informs me of anything he feels or sees when I am discussing someone and in passing, he mentions this boy Jade does not feel like a brother, he feels like a son. He admires you like a son admires his father. After reading that, I couldn't believe my eyes because in essence, I just read that I have reacquainted with my son from another life. Then everything started making complete sense. The way he feels, the way he acts around me. His passion, his admiration. The respect he shows me, the love he shows me, all subconscious to him, but obvious to me. It made complete sense. This boy Jade is my son! It may not be 100% confirmed, but what little acknowledgement I have has completely and totally changed my life. It's only been a couple of days since learning about this and my entire view on life is now different cuz for all intents and purposes, I have a child. One thing this life has shown me is that which I lack in this lifetime is made up for spiritually. I've always wanted brothers growing up and suddenly I found myself with 3 spiritual brothers whose bonds I felt immediately as did they. I have never had romance or a relationship and I lead much of a solitary lifestyle so I already knew at the age of 32, I won't be having children in this life because I didn't really want them. Having kids and a family I think is something we all think about at one time in our lives, but I knew that I would never have it because it's not what I wanted. But I feel like I have been blessed with a child in a whole other way that just floors me cuz the only spiritual bonds I have encountered thus far were brotherly bonds.

This news has completely changed how I view life. As I said, it's unconfirmed, but I have absolutely NO reason whatsoever to doubt anything Wolf tells me about what he feels or sees because he has been right every time. He has yet to be wrong. Jade and I share a passion for Star Trek, so much so that I gave him a handmade starship Voyager model ship I made which I don't do for anyone. I don't give away my art, but his young passion for Trek told me that he would be a better owner for it. Plus I plan to remake the ship someday. We watched Star Trek Voyager together on my phone as he waited for his mom to pick him up after school. Another thing that stood out to me was when class would be in session, he'd come out to use the bathroom then wind up staying with me to chat and when Perry his teacher came in, he would say, "Perry, it's ok. I'm here with Jonny.", as if he had MY permission to not be in class. He doesn't sense any of this. To him, I am just a good friend. But I've been observing his behavior toward me the entire time because I felt something and I know he feels something, he's just not aware of it. Last night, I asked God to please give me confirmation if this is true. If this boy is my son from another life, give me a sign that this is true. As we were watching Trek, he asked me "Do they have an empath?", referencing Deanna Troi's character on Star Trek The Next Generation, which he is very into at the moment. When he asked me that, I took that as a sign because the empath remark inadvertently referenced me being an empath and wondering if he's different like me. I know he's very smart. I get that from him, but otherwise, I don't know.

This is just wild and I had to share my story here. I wanted to tell somebody who would understand all this spiritual stuff that I can't talk about with anyone else."


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This year just keeps getting better

By The Importance of Being Jonny, 2013-12-30

On Saturday I got a guilt-text from my brother saying he never hears from me and I replied the same thing because I too never hear from him. Before it got into a debate via text messages, I sent him an email when I got home from work. That spawned into a weekend-long argument in emails about my behavior being to myself, being introverted, not inviting him to my place, things of that nature.

The entire time, he made judgments based on ignorance because he clearly didn't know what he was talking about, such as my never inviting him over here to spend time with me. My last residence I could not do this because the landlord made it clear that it wasn't my house and I couldn't have guests, family or otherwise. In my current residence, my roommates are slobs which include a whole mess of dog poop on our front lawn that they don't want to clean, so I don't want my family over here so they can see such conditions then judge me even more. He made more judgments about how I never take a moment to contact him, only when I need something. So I shot that right back at him and brought to his attention the many times he sent me a text asking for someone's phone number or address.

His demeanor in all the emails showed him to be arrogant and full of himself. He knew it all and no matter what I said in my defense, he came back with a smart ass remark. I expressed to him if you don't know exactly what you are talking about, you shouldn't rush to judgment and analyze the situation or me because in the end you will always be wrong. I told him there's a reason for everything so don't just assume you have all the facts. I told him he doesn't know my real life so he shouldn't judge me to which he replied he doesn't know my life because I haven't shared it with him. I have, especially my empathic nature which he never once fully acknowledged. I told him I not only mentioned and explained why I am the way I am once in the past, I did it again twice this year and I pointed out that each time he avoids what I say and doesn't discuss it.

He replied he assumes I am talking about my being an empath and went on to say he doesn't believe such things exist. I told him his belief system doesn't make my life as an empath any less real. He doesn't know why I am the way I am and when I tell him why, he avoids the subject because of his disbelief. The entire time he just had smart ass replies after the next and continued avoiding the subject, so I told him I can't make him understand something he refuses to believe in, therefore in the future he doesn't have the right to criticize me for my behavior. From there, I had nothing more to say. He sent me another email with another smart ass reply that I read and deleted. This is the kind of drama that I constantly go through each year, it repeats itself over and over and all my family wants me to do is change how I am so we can all get along. When I called my dad, who also doesn't know I'm an empath, one of the first things he said to me was "sometimes you have to change how you are so you an get along with people a little better." They don't understand that it's not capable of being turned off like a light switch. I don't do well around the public and I especially don't do well around family especially if we have argued in the past about this same subject. So I can't just get out of my feelings and put my differences aside to please someone else, especially after all that he said to me this weekend. This is the very reason I keep to myself because my family all want me to change how I am so I can please them. I can't even believe that was suggested. If I were gay, would they want me to suddenly become straight so they can love me again? That's exactly how this feels.

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I just dunno how to cope

By The Importance of Being Jonny, 2013-12-28

It seems like all the good moments I have in life go by so very fast that it feels like time was frozen between bad moments resulting in the feeling that I go through pain and emotion more often than I should be. I have been around toxic feeling people who made me feel threatened many times in the past, but I never had to live with any of them. My roommate's girlfriend is the most toxic individual I have ever had the displeasure of feeling. The very sight of her brings on uneasiness, nervousness, the feeling of being threatened or intimidated and most importantly, I lose all desire for anything: eating, relaxing, etc. She can bring out a sickness in me just by showing up and I don't like that at all.

I've been told over and over again that he and her have been on again/off again for years, but he has expressed that they can NEVER be together the way they were before because of her actions in the past. I am confused because he has her over here damn near every night. She never goes home and when she does, it's for a couple hours and she's back here again. The house has been packed for days because of the Christmas holiday so in addition to his family, she was here as well as her daughter for 4 days straight. The air was so thick and suffocating because of her toxic energy and everyone else's that I had to go on a very brisk walk to clear my head. I didn't realize I walked probably an hour , 30 mins there and 30 mins back. Taking the bus along the route to the location I sought to meditate in showed me I walked a great distance.

I have had this conversation with him about how she makes me feel when she is here and that I don't like nor trust her. He asked me why. I can't tell him why I don't trust her. Whatever kind of person she is, is making me feel that side of her so he should be telling me why I don't trust her. It's not good when someone feels vindictive and I've had conversations with him where he tells me how jealous she can be, how crazy she can be, showing up at his work and making a scene(she's banned from his work), stealing his phone in the summertime. If all that isn't proof enough to you that she is off, then I truly believe they belong together. But to expose other people to her presence just because you want to cuddle or be intimate with her, or have her help him out by cleaning and doing his laundry, it's selfish. And at least I know I'm not wrong since he said his entire family can't stand her either. So if his whole family doesn't like her, imagine what it is about her that I don't know about.

Over Thanksgiving, I overheard him telling his cousin that she blew him off and wasn't answering texts or calls. It was obvious why she disappeared, he had his children here. She didn't want to have to share his attention with them. She wants him all to herself. She wasn't giving him time alone with his kids, she was jealous, hence why she didn't return his calls. How he could not see that is beyond me. He's very naive when it comes to women, or rather, her. He has admitted to me that he is a player and if he chooses to he will be with numerous women at the same time, once bragging that he was juggling 3 women. When we had our conversation about her, I warned him to be careful because I pick up on the vindictive nature that she has inside and it's not a good feeling at all. So before someone gets hurt, he should stop thinking about himself and think about everyone involved. With her here all the time, I don't even wanna talk to him cuz her energy is all over him and it just makes me want to go about my business and just avoid him for what I feel is sheer stupidity.

I've been burning candles to help with my meditation and cleansing of the air in my room. I've tried smudging in the past with sage but I don't think that helps other than making my room smell. It's gotten to the point now where she's here so much that I believe she lives here. I don't want to be in the same space as her. I've seen her quietly close his bedroom door when she saw that I was in the kitchen because she knows I don't like her. And something I've experienced in the past has happened again recently that totally pisses me off. I feel like sometimes when I don't wish to be around someone, I somehow become on the same wavelength as them. I can pray that I don't run into her or hope she isn't in the space I need to be in and as soon as I enter the kitchen, she's entering the kitchen, literally as I am. I don't believe in coincidences as things happen so often that it makes me believe something more is happening. That's happened to me so many times in the past where I did not want to cross paths with someone who was severely bugging me yet we somehow are leaving our rooms at the same moment and both entering the space that I need to be. I don't know if it's telepathy and I'm connecting to them somehow.

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