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My name is Jonny and I am a clairvoyant empath. When describing my abilities, I always say I'm a bit of a hybrid because I don't feel things with my empathy but on rare occasions, and what I don't see with my own two eyes I see in my dreams. As well as feel things. Things that let me know about people. So my clairempathy works together and I am proud to have it.

Even though I've yet to fully come into my abilities, people who need me find me. It's something I've only now put together.
If you need my help, even if you can't explain why you do, reach out to me on Facebook or here.
I always tell people I'm a better empath on Facebook than I am here. Facebook helps me connect with the person better. I can't explain it. My profile is linked below. Send me a message.

Jonny's Facebook

I'm also an artist and builder. I make model toys practically since birth, give or take a decade. Please check out my art on YouTube and if you like what you see, give me a sub. I have a page on Facebook as well. Check it out!

JonnyTheToymaker on YouTube
JonnyTheToymaker on Facebook

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