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My name is Jonny and I am a clairvoyant empath. When describing my abilities, I always say I'm a bit of a hybrid because I don't feel things with my empathy but on rare occasions, and what I don't see with my own two eyes I see in my dreams. As well as feel things. Things that let me know about people. So my clairempathy works together and I am proud to have it.

Even though I've yet to fully come into my abilities, people who need me find me. It's something I've only now put together.
If you need my help, even if you can't explain why you do, reach out to me on Facebook or here.
I always tell people I'm a better empath on Facebook than I am here. Facebook helps me connect with the person better. I can't explain it. My profile is linked below. Send me a message.

Jonny's Facebook

I'm also an artist and builder. I make model toys practically since birth, give or take a decade. Please check out my art on YouTube and if you like what you see, give me a sub. I have a page on Facebook as well. Check it out!

JonnyTheToymaker on YouTube
JonnyTheToymaker on Facebook

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08/25/10 11:29:25AM @roxanne:
a friend of mine works with people to help them find their soulmates. If you're interested in learning techniques. I love this gal. She's so real. !/group.php?gid=137493752956984
10/31/10 10:51:50AM @roxanne:
Oh, I think it's the Bon Qui Qui thing, Jonny!! heheheheheJust remember..don't mess wit me or ah will *cut* you. LOL.....(Isn't Anjelah Johnson the funniest lady ever.) What a talent!
11/28/10 09:29:05PM @roxanne:
Jonny, I mean this with all due respect, but "I ain't no angel".What do you think it means? I've been going through some things lately. Maybe you're the messenger. Maybe the angels showed me to you, so that you could tell me about this, and I'd know that they have been hearing my prayers???Ya never know.but thank you for telling me about it.
11/28/10 09:39:11PM @roxanne:
Thanks, Jonny. I do appreciate you telling me about that.
11/28/10 09:41:12PM @roxanne:
12/24/10 11:59:57PM @roxanne:

Jonny, that is so strange about,hahahaha. Who'da thunk?

Anyway, I've read a few books about Empaths but they were too off the grid. I found I enjoyed the simplicity of The Survival Guide for Highly Sensitive People. I guess it all depends on what you're looking for. I'll think about it and if I remember anything else I read and liked I'll let you know.

Merry Christmas... Rox

03/29/11 01:29:27PM @roxanne:
Hi, Johnny. Funny I was recently thinking about you. Wondering how you're doing!*smiles*.
Nocturne's Angel
11/07/11 10:58:46PM @nocturnes-angel:
Nocturne's Angel
02/25/12 10:25:19PM @nocturnes-angel:


Nocturne's Angel
07/26/12 09:27:15PM @nocturnes-angel:

Hoping all is well with you :)

Nocturne's Angel
08/02/12 01:31:32PM @nocturnes-angel:

Hi Jonny,

I keep seeing your name on the front page, but when I go to click on it, it keepsdisappearing.

I also am getting a feeling that you are going through something that is weighing you down, possibly making you question your choices or something like "Why do I bother? Why am I doing this?"

I'm getting the sense that you might be at a crossroads of some sort & that you seem to bepushingyourself pretty hard.

I also keep getting the name Miriam, though I haven't a clue what the namepertainsto.

If any of this resonates or makes any sense to you at all.

Please know that you willpersevere, but that you may not want to be so hard on yourself.

Take Care,


Nocturne's Angel
12/09/12 11:50:53AM @nocturnes-angel:

Hi Jonny,

I wanted to touch base and see how you were doing and how your move went.

Have a great week.



Nocturne's Angel
02/18/13 12:34:35PM @nocturnes-angel:

Happy Belated Birthday Jonny




03/04/13 02:21:12PM @angel:

Hi Jonny, How have you been?? It's been awhile, I hope you are doing great!!! Good to see you again :)

Nocturne's Angel
06/18/13 06:14:14PM @nocturnes-angel:


Thinking of you ...

Hoping all is well :)



Nocturne's Angel
07/01/13 08:21:42PM @nocturnes-angel:

Central Point man dies Saturday in high-speed motorcycle accident

By Dana Tims, The Oregonian
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on June 29, 2013 at 10:13 PM

A 31-year-old Central Point man died Saturday afternoon when his motorcycle, traveling at a high rate of speed, ran a stop sign and hit the side of a horse trailer.

The man, whose name will be released Sunday, was operating a Yamaha R6 motorcycle at about 4:50 p.m., when he went through a stop sign on Scenic Avenue just north of Central Point, according to Oregon State Police Sgt. David Beck.

He crashed into the side of a horse trailer being pulled by a pickup that was southbound on Oregon 99. The victim flew off the motorcycle and was then struck by the wheels of a semi-trailer pulled by a commercial truck following the pickup and horse trailer.

The motorcycle operator, who was wearing a protective helmet, died at the scene.

-- Dana Tims

Nocturne's Angel
07/01/13 08:30:12PM @nocturnes-angel:

There are some other motorcycle accidents:

Type this info in the Search Box :

motorcycle accident in oregon june 2013



Bill Walker
09/20/13 05:14:23PM @bill-walker:

For some strange reason I thought that we were already friends, but the more I think about it I guess I'm thinking about facebook. Otherwise, I would have friended you a long time ago. Oops!

Nocturne's Angel
02/07/14 09:17:57PM @nocturnes-angel:

I wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Birthday :)

I hope it's Phenomenal!

Huggs & Love, Josette

02/08/14 11:07:01AM @crownite:

Happy birthday :)

02/08/14 09:55:12PM @inlanddan:

Hi Jonny, Happy birthday. sorry it was late. I hope you had a wonderful day:)

09/12/16 12:51:28PM @eliselebeau:

Oh I didn't realize you're in oregon!  I'm in Portland :)

The Importance of Being Jonny
09/12/16 12:55:25PM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:

Cool. I think I remember reading that a while back. I moved here 4 years ago this November 3rd from Brooklyn, NY.