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Extremely Restless

By Steffck, 2018-08-14

anyone feeling extremely restless?  It creeps up in my back .but it’s worse than ever . I can hardly set still it miserable .

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Different feel outside tonight?

By Steffck, 2015-07-18
Does anyone else notice how outside its a different feeling ? It's so hard to explain? I know it's causing a headache that won't go away ?
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What to do, I'm new ?

By Steffck, 2015-07-15
Was seeing a psychic who was "helping me get rid of all my internal junk" clear me out think she was taking me for money?now I don't know what to do? I get so anxious restless just feel pulled down. I need to learn to clear out and protect myself as well . I feel as though I have 100 of emotions stuck inside I can't breathe . I see this neg black thing that always crossing in my view a lot lately . I'm not scared of it but I know it's not good . Seems like everything crumbling all around me . I carry it all in my neck and back and stomach. I can hardly move my neck at times lately and this restless leg ugh! I'm carrying so much of other energies that won't go away . Any suggestions ?please and thank you
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