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The True Identity

By Soothsayer4, 2016-12-09

Ok.  I dont blog really but I thought this as important. What is our true name? Our identity? In a world of which we dont belong how much do we limit ourselves? If I limit myself because I dont want to be in another's being then does that limit my full potential as an empath? How much more can I do if I accept another's energy as m own without losing myself? Am I being selfish or just too damned polite? Maybe I am limiting myself by pure humanitarianistic principles. Do these principles appy to Empaths when we have the c#apacity to commune with others in synergenic ways others cant even comprehend. when is it considered taking avantage of them or shoud it matter? What trueley is the Empath code of ethics?Do we have one? Should we have one? What is our ultimate mission by God?

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update ad being real

By Soothsayer4, 2016-07-23

ok you empaths,

So what is realy really real for us folk that live on multiple demensions? Come now, what is it that we really seek? Do I need to ask this question to those that already have the upper hand but have no idea how to deal it? What is thist really that we know? I wonder if we are the entrance to the kingdom of God... I also wonder if wie are meant to lead in some way designed by a higher power or in someway meant to have a purpose known only tosomething much higher than us (or not) to guide us to a greater purpose. only time or the right person, will tell.

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