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11/14/18 10:37:49PM @so-exausted-from-users:
How can empaths use the healing energy on themselves? For years I have had to needed to take long acting oxy neo every 8 hour, 3 times a day. It helps control the nerve damage in my legs from the several clots. I had a piece clot break off and get logged in my lung. The blood thinners are not the best solution either but I have been dealing with it 40 years if you include the fact my dad had 6 feet and longer clots that broke off messing up his lung and brain. We are full aware there are other types of blood thinners on the market but our family doesn't want be guinea pigs.. (yes he is still alive) To my questions.. how can I use the healing energy in my empath touch do I do need drugs? I have tried more times than I can count mediation and visualization in on my suck... Any ideas.. let me know. Thank you