Hello, anyone reading this. I'm an Empath, both human and animal. I'm an old soul that seeks love and protection from the light. I love spreading love and light if not to just see others smile. I'm a Sagittarius . My totem animal is the owl but often relate to all animals. I love woodland areas. It's my place to ground and dream. I am very spiritual on my quest.
LIKES: smiles and laughter especially in children.
Animals. Espically Dogs
Cool Foggy Autum mornings
Summer evenings right at dark
High Vibrations
Watching acts of kindness and compassion

Dislikes: narcissism. Racism, the sound of
Potato chips bags, Animal and Child abuse.
Politics, heart break , Liars
Confusion , no answers

I'm not here to change anyone's mind about anything, I just want to help and heal.

I know who i am and will always respect who you are. I value everyone's opinion while staying diligent on my journey.
I'm an observer , an introvert to some degree , a seeker, a seer, blessed with most of the Clair's, some stronger than others at times.
I live by my intuition . I love my "me" time , my sons, my granddaughters and animals.
Unlike some Empaths. I can be standoffish and blunt sometimes but never without a reason. I stand by the belief " Do no Harm but take No ...attitude. Yeah...I'm a Empath still under construction. Lol.

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