Fearless lover of life. Open minded to a fault and as curious as a squirrel in a nut factory. Accomplished, successful, educated, and athletic. Actively practicing humility on a bicentennial schedule. Hoping to make sense of those feelings which are actually mine and those have grown from emotions felt from others. Far from perfect and even farther from being done. I love to feel genuine happiness, like walking past a schoolyard at recess and being carried away by joy.

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Responded to "Friendship - finding it incredibely difficult to find friends that are "on the same wavelength"":
"I deal with the universal feelings of isolation which come with being an empath by working. I flip houses, striving to leave something better than when I..."
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A lot has happened
Hello fellow travelers, This site (or the original one) helped me survive back in 2009. I kept abreast of things in the universe but have once again lost my way as...