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@paul • 3 years ago
Survived Irma.

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05/08/14 09:46:38AM @bing:

Hi Paul

Welcome to the EC. It is very nice to meet you. You have such nice energy, strong and kind. Drop by and visit the Library of Inspiration. I am including some links from the Library that will help you begin to understand more about us and yourself.

Has Anyone Told You

I AM Awake

(Dead URL)>

On Being an Empath

(Dead URL)>

I Deserve / Be the Light

(Dead URL)>

Take 30 Seconds and Change the World

This next linkwill help you understand why you feel outside of "normal". This explanation will bring you into greater alignment with all that is, with your purpose that you set forth and into motion in spirit before you became a spiritual being having a material experience.

Being Tuned in, A Lightworkers Guide

The second link is a description of how to gain even greater insight and connection to yourhigher self on a daily basis and to bring greater happiness and joy into your life.

Things You Must Do Everyday

When you visit the Library look up the topic "Indigo and Crystal People". Once again welcome to the EC, the home of thousands of our kind.

Throw some love into the wind


05/08/14 09:46:46AM @bing:
Red Ribbon
06/26/14 08:27:40PM @inlanddan:

Hi Paul, I think it was you that had posted some awesome music on here the other day. My friend has an autistic son that is totally into sounds and I had thought that he would love it. If in face it was you could you please give me the link again. I had thought I had bookmarked but I guess not. Thank you.

Dan : )

06/27/14 10:05:34AM @inlanddan:

Thanks Paul!

Cheshire Cat
04/02/15 07:30:01AM @cheshire-cat:

Gee, I don't know Paul.....What IS the sound of a hairless cat coughing up a hairball?

Inquiring minds want to know, lol. ;-)

Nocturne's Angel
07/09/15 08:12:22PM @nocturnes-angel:

Hi Paul,

The person in the pictures was Carlos Castaneda.

I closed it because Aryi posted asking if it were finished so that she could post the next challenge.

Huggs <3

Cheshire Cat
09/26/16 11:34:52AM @cheshire-cat:


I can't figure out how to send you a PM, so will let you know this way that I've filled out a support ticket about the problem with the posts in Psychic Development Group disappearing. To do that, you click your name on your own page, click support in the drop down menu, and fill out a "new ticket". I will keep trying to learn how to send you a PM too! I hope you get this. I've already posted one comment on this in response to yours, but do not see it here.

C. Cat