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Conan O'brien is an Empath?

By Nea, 2013-03-28

I don't know why it seems to mean so much to me, but I just listened to this podcast with Conan and at the end he admits to being an Empath. I'm not sure if he puts the same weight into it as we do here, but he describes being overwhelmed by crowds in NYC. It's not the main topic of the podcast, but anyway I think it makes sense that he is, I just feel really strongly about the revelation. It what happens when you admire someone and it turns out they are a bit like you...

Here's the podcast for anyone interested (He says it at about 1.22 in):

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Offsite chat

By Nea, 2012-02-11

Hey friends,

since the chat was removed, I really missed it, and I went ahead and registered an offsite chat - on an irc network called chatspike. They are very secure and a good place for homeless chats. Ofcourse you need a irc program to to connect. For security purposes one needs to register a nick to use the channel I've created, but you only register it to an email, and any email works.

To join the channel, fire up your irc program, like xchat, which I use (also it's free).

Connect to OR if you want to use a secure connection

Then type in /join #highground

Tutorial for Chatpike if you need it:

If you like the idea of a chat, you're welcome to join and bring any friends you have - I don't have that many friends in this community, so you're welcome to bring any. :)

So far it's only me in the chat, so please let me know if you encounter any problems, and I'll fix them.



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Help for Empaths

empath book