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I'm just someone trying to make sense of what's going inside his own mind and I guess that's why I'm here on this site.

I'm open minded about a lot of things and I wish to learn about any known abilities I may have and perhaps some unknown latent abilities I may have but I don't want to get ahead of myself.

Most people would consider me an 'oddball' or 'weirdo' and other such words but I guess I do have a tendency to look at things and the world in a different way than most people and that I often conceptualize things differently.

People often assume that I'm an idiot because I look like an idiot and I sound like an idiot but assumptions can be wrong but in this case it's a fair assumption.

I like learning about weird and wonderful things and the non-mainstream and occasionally the absurd.  Myths and legends interest me, old time myths and legends and modern day ones also hold some form of fascination in me as they stir up the imagination.

I don't adhere, subscribe to nor am I affiliated with any religion or dogma, apart from what I may have naturally derided from my own muddled mind.  I'm pretty agnostic when it comes to the subject of god or any form of 'higher power' but I naturally sway towards atheism but that doesn't mean that I'm close minded to the possibility, it's just that I don't find the old concepts and idea of god/higher powers as I tend to find them pretty anthropomorphic and earth and human-centric in nature and there are as many opinions and concepts on gods and whatever higher powers as there people.

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Mythical Spark
@mythical-spark • 5 years ago
I'm new here so please be gentle with me.