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By: Lotusfly
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The other day I walked in the woods for 2 hours. It was a struggle for me because it was cold, but I listened to my body and my intuition to enjoy it and learn from it the best I could. So I took several breaks. The first one, I sat down on a rock to eat part of my brunch that I had taken with me. I had the sudden feeling that I was happy and peaceful in that moment and didn't want to be anywhere else. Right then I had the urge to look up and slightly back and to my right, and when I did there was a large owl perched high on a tree branch. I could see him clearly, and later, upon research in a local bookstore, I found out he was a nocturnal owl, so he was sleeping at the time. It was as if I found him. My soul led me to that rock (I had considered sitting down to rest in other spots but chose that one). He even opened his eyes when I talked to him (like I said, I didn't know he was sleeping until later, and he was so high up that even with my glasses on I couldn't tell if his eyes were opened or closed, but he opened his eyes when I talked and then closed them after). He was a fully mature owl. They are rare this time of year. He is the first owl I've seen in my spiritual journey. I've heard the sound of an owl lately but I literally sat down underneath him without even realizing. It was an area slightly off the path.

Just before moving to my current location in October, I had purchased a paperweight that is simply a smooth, ceramic oval (about 5 inches in length), cream color, with a brown, painted owl. I met someone in the store the day I bought it and we were chatting about our beliefs and she asked me if I was a "tree hugger." I said "no...I'm nothing...just spiritual." I had asked her, somewhat jokingly, if she thought the owl paperweight would make me wise. She said, "only if you think it will."

I am so spooked by this I can't explain. I don't know if I am creating my reality or if my environment is. I don't know if I am being led by my soul/God or if others are. I think it's all one. But I want to be free of all conditioning/messages from others/environment and find my true self and the real truth. Because I feel as if we are not living the way we should and none of us know the truth. I want to live an authentic life; not one predetermined for me. I want to know the source of life. What truly created us. The meaning of life. All of the great questions :)

I keep being proven wrong every time I think I know, lol! I want to do a soul search, a real one. I want to uncover the truth. Go to the source. I want to travel to the higher realms to get some real answers...

03/22/16 03:05:49AM @dice:

The woods are my favorite :)

03/22/16 04:33:24AM @lotusfly:

Nature is my world now, Dice :) Glad you enjoy it too!

03/23/16 08:35:44PM @lotusfly:

Thanks for sharing your story, Love. It is very beautiful and wonderful that your son visits you through cardinals.

I have no human children, but my last cat, who I raised from 8 weeks and died this past Christmas Eve at age 10, visits me in the form of other cats and squirrels <3

Happy to hear you enjoy the ocean sounds. I do too. They are so peaceful and tranquil :)