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As weird as it sounds, if I massage people's feet I get their entire emotions.  As I posted in one case I knew it was a bad idea because the woman had been damaged but I tried and it was horrible, the pain, the sorrow and anger all kept inside in a neat little knot.  I couldn't even last a minute.

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@jerrysto • 11 months ago
Hoping to be able to chat with someone because when I feel a persons evil, pain, guilt, sorrow I take it into my self and they walk away feeling uplifted, better so to speak.

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08/24/18 11:35:11PM @jerrysto:

Is there someone I can chat with about this questionable gift?

11/23/18 09:28:46PM @jerrysto:

Still have the same question.  I have read people multiple times through physical contact in their feet.