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Another message from my grandpa?

By IntuitiveDreamer, 2017-02-12

The last time I dreamt about him was months ago and he is back. 

In this dream it was like a big event was going to happend, he was all happy and excited and was dressed in a grey suit, I am not sure what it was but my grandmother was not there. I can't remember if he mentioned her but it was related to both of them. like some sort of wedding or a special event. And this was going to take place in their own House.  He had prepared a few tables with decoration right outside of their front door (?) 

Note: *She still lives at their Home.

Can anyone tell me what this means? 

what is he trying to say? 

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Seeing the same name and number over and over??

By IntuitiveDreamer, 2017-01-23

I keep seeing the name "Alex" everywhere!! it has been following me since 2015, I saw it repeatedly in my dreams for a week. I remember it and wrote it in my dream journal "Alex_love13" I still have no clue what it means. Over the past year (2016) Ive met  4 people with the same name. Alejandra, Alexa, Alexia,Angela... and I have the letter "A" engraved on the floor of my terrace along with a heart on its side. That was already there  before moving to this house.  

The number that I see repeatedly is 12:34

Does this mean anything??

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My Grandfather is trying to tell me something?

By IntuitiveDreamer, 2016-10-16

He passed away 1 month ago, and he keeps showing in my dreams, but I usually have the need to decode the dream into separate parts and I knew exactly what he wanted to say today. 

He was dressed in a black tuxedo, his mustache was dyed black and I know he would've done it for a Funeral because he was always very trendy and elegant, he was well known for it. 

My grandmother is very sick and I feel like he´s announcing that she´s about to pass soon. 

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Clues in my Dreams?

By IntuitiveDreamer, 2016-10-12

I've learn to read the Clues that appear in my Dreams, over the past year, and it has been quite interesting. 

I have been looking for a girlfriend for months, and I recently had a dream, that I met a girl at a mall. she was pretty and shy, I didn't know her name...I saw her face but it was pretty blurred out, all I know is that she was attractive. 

The way I can read clues (correct me if im wrong) is: I take different objects in this dream and put them in separated containers (in my head) then I search for their meanings separately, interpret them and thats how I put the pieces back together like a puzzle. Am I the only that does this?

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