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Us and Them

By: inlanddan
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I have really been becoming more aware about the us and them mentality that is going on in the world today. It has really made its presence know to me more and more over the last few years and now it seems to be escalating at a much faster rate.

We have had so many wars recently popping up all over the world. In the United States there are two political parties at war. They even bring up a war on religion now. All this seems to do is divide us as people. The whole good versus evil, the good against the bad and all any of this does are dividing us a humans and spirits.

I have been shown that as empaths we need to make sure that we do not fall into that trap. I have also been shown that all humans have the capability from birth to be empathetic. What happens after birth is we begin to receive the programming that removes that natural ability. I call it negative human emotions. I have been trying to remove those all from myself.

What I need to do now is to remember that anyone can be just like me, so there really is no us or them. As long as I try to keep negative emotion out of me I can help change the world.

07/24/14 04:30:49AM @paul:

Dan, the one thing you need to understand is the capacity for evil in this world. While there are many good people there are some that are capable of such darkness. It can come through any avenue; wars, economy, money, religion, political party, drugs, social policy. etc. Its been said that all that is needed for evil to take root is for good people to do nothing. So I Am and shall for ever be on the side of the Light.

07/24/14 09:47:16AM @inlanddan:

Hi Paul, I think my point is that evil is man made though. Not something we were born with.

07/25/14 09:45:58PM @inlanddan:

Hi Robin, I agree with that completely. But are those people that are born with a lack of empathy also born with a mental disorder and not "evil?" I just have a tough time with that term "evil." If evil exists that means anyone who does any evil acts does not have the capability to become good?