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New Group?

By: inlanddan
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Ever since I started here I have noticed have common traits other than the ones listed normally on empath web sites.

I always wanted to start a type of research group here where we could compare any interesting things that we find common with others and start threads for them. That way others could also comment in them so we can see if they are common to us.

First off would anyone be interested in this?

Would anyone know how to go about starting a new group?

Just a thought. Dan : )

07/15/14 06:45:48PM @inlanddan:

I feel it would be better as a group so each category could be in separate threads. That way we also could add any other "research" things to list as well. I had so many things I have thought of over time I would like to check with others about. I can't think of much right now though. We have been having a heat wave here which is not normal for us. My brain is frying in the heat. LOL

Dan : )

07/16/14 11:07:34PM @inlanddan:

Hi everyone, I think there is enough interest in doing something like this now so I am going to start a thread in theOpen Your Abilitiesgroup. I am writing the opening post with common format to post there so we can pick up on ones we can relate to. I should have it done some time tomorrow and will let you know when I post it.

Thank you for you interest. Dan : )

07/17/14 12:22:41PM @inlanddan:

Ironically It will not be till tomorrow now till I start the thread. Bad hair day. LOL

07/20/14 02:57:19PM @inlanddan:

Hi everyone, thank you for your interest in this. As you know we could not start a new group but hopefully this new thread will help. I stared it inOpen Your Abilities called New Group Continued/Other New Traits.I hope it will take off.

Dan : )