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Feeling out of it lately

By inlanddan, 2014-10-08

I have noticed for me and just about everyone I come in contact with that is or has awakened and even some that have not, they have been feeling out of sorts lately. I have had a problem feeling grounded, my intuitions have been off, having problems connecting with others not to mention my spirit guides, feeling drained and just not myself. This has been going on now for the last month or so.

Many of my close friends have been sharing our stories and doing healing with one another only to have these same feelings come back. It has been hard on me trying to figure out why. It had been hanging on and just as it started to go away it seemed to come back.

Someone recently sent me an article from another website about The Full Moon in Pisces that gave me some insight on it. It was bout the time it was coming back when someone sent me another article from the same website called The New Moon in Libra that again explained a lot.

I really enjoyed the way these were written and after reading the second one I decided to go to main page to look for any other material that may help me. To my surprise I had been reading the wrong one for me. On the main page it has all the Zodiac signs and I clicked on the Libra (my sign) and read it I found I had read the wrong ones before. When I clicked on my sign it had the same Full Moon and New Moon things but they are different for each sign although they are along the same lines for each of us.

This is a good site I think, it is called The Aquarius Nation .

Dan : )

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Us and Them

By inlanddan, 2014-07-24

I have really been becoming more aware about the us and them mentality that is going on in the world today. It has really made its presence know to me more and more over the last few years and now it seems to be escalating at a much faster rate.

We have had so many wars recently popping up all over the world. In the United States there are two political parties at war. They even bring up a war on religion now. All this seems to do is divide us as people. The whole good versus evil, the good against the bad and all any of this does are dividing us a humans and spirits.

I have been shown that as empaths we need to make sure that we do not fall into that trap. I have also been shown that all humans have the capability from birth to be empathetic. What happens after birth is we begin to receive the programming that removes that natural ability. I call it negative human emotions. I have been trying to remove those all from myself.

What I need to do now is to remember that anyone can be just like me, so there really is no us or them. As long as I try to keep negative emotion out of me I can help change the world.

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New Group?

By inlanddan, 2014-07-15

Ever since I started here I have noticed have common traits other than the ones listed normally on empath web sites.

I always wanted to start a type of research group here where we could compare any interesting things that we find common with others and start threads for them. That way others could also comment in them so we can see if they are common to us.

First off would anyone be interested in this?

Would anyone know how to go about starting a new group?

Just a thought. Dan : )

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