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Practical Empathy

By: Indigo Dog
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It was just before the cashiers lunch break. Her relief cashier had just arrived and stood by looking over the tiny woman's shoulder as she processed the customer's sale ahead of me. I could feel her exhuastion, her hunger and her sadness. She seemed beaten down and now to have the relief cashier irritated and nit picking her, I could feel her slide even further into overwhelming dispair. I placed my box of screws and can of paint on the check out counter and decided to try a little empathic/ psychic experiment. I love bombed her. 

I brought myself into a meditative place of calm and kindness then prayed, called, summoned, whatever you call creating energy. In my mind I focused on that little cashier and asked God/ Source of all unconditional love how she looked to Him. I asked that I could travel through time and feel how her parents, her lovers, her baby, all of them; how much they loved her. Then I poured that energy vibration of adoration over her .

She went from dragging items over the check out scanner with downcast eyes to suddenly alert and surprised. She looked around her, smiling like a young girl in love as if searching for her lover in the crowd. She had felt it! She not only felt it but the energy of love had transformed that middle aged sad lady into a sparkling girl in seconds. She laughed, looked at me and finished the sale just beaming with joy. Her relief cashier even asked her what happedend.

I have used this technique on crying children in the grocery store too. It is fun. It doesn't leave me drained or tired like Reiki can sometimes. Sending someone a love wave or love bomb has become a hobby for me when I have to go in to crowds.

Cheshire Cat
07/14/17 11:50:00AM @cheshire-cat:

Hi Indigo Dog (love that name),

That love bombing idea is really beautiful! I have never tried to do that, but you can bet I will try and see if I am able to, now that you've given me the idea. I will try it the next time I am at the medical clinic, where, as you can guess, lots of people are down in the dumps. It is also one of very few places I go these days, being quite ill.

My husband, who is not an empath like me, but is an HSP, has had to do our grocery shopping for several years now, due to my illness. He comes right out and tells sad looking check out people how much he appreciates them being there standing on their feet all day to check out his groceries, and how jobs like theirs are the ones that make everybody's lives run smoothly. He does this all the time, and says seeing their faces light up is priceless. It's kind of personal for him, since he's spent his life doing a job that is very important but low in status, and he often felt looked down on by his rich clients, many of whom did jobs that could disappear tomorrow and nobody would miss them, lol. 

Thank you so much for sharing this idea. :-)

Cheshire Cat