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Wanting To Learn About Crystals

By: Hop Daddy
Posted in: Crystals
10/07/16 07:39:36PM @4peace:

Hi Hop Daddy,

I love black tourmaline and use it a lot to deflect bad energy. It's also a great grounding crystal.  I use it when I need a bit of protection from people who sap my energy.  I also use lapis lazuli as a protective crystal and that was the first crystal I ever used as a tool.  Everyone is different on what crystals/stones they like and use, it's good for you to just experiment.  The ones I use the most, black tourmaline, lapis lazuli, (protection and communication) rose quartz (healing and self love), selenite (higher vibration crystal, wait until you are accustomed to crystals to use it, unless you feel a calling for it), apache tear (for depression and absorbing/handling sorrow - like when I found  out my mom had cancer), quartz (for everything :), amethyst, citrine and tiger's eye (depression and a bunch of other stuff).  I wear seraphinite, which is also a higher vibration crystal, it helps with connecting with angels.

A good way to start is with just one stone and explore the energy it has.  Or if you meditate, step it up a bit by laying stones that color correspond to your chakras over your chakra area.  Then a grounding stone - most dark colored stones are grounding.  A lot of people use hematite, but I don't like it very much.  Tourmaline is better for me.

There are different ways of cleaning crystals to clear them of energy from other places and people, clean in sea salt water, set them on selenite, but beware that some crystals dissolve in water, so look them up before you clean.  Some people think you do not have to charge them, some people think that there are different energies from moon and from sunlight, some people charge for days and others shorter. So it's up to you :)   Personally, most things I run cold water over for a few minutes to clean, then charge overnight in moon light or during daylight.  On full moons, I charge - but my favorite charge was for the summer solstice!  My crystals seemed to love it!  In a pinch I breathe on the crystal and whisper "clear" on it.  For some reason that feels natural to me.

I love to talk about crystals, sorry.  But if you have questions, just ask.  I'm taking an advanced crystal healing class right now,  but I still don't know everything :)

Much peace,


Hop Daddy
10/09/16 01:21:50PM @hop-daddy:


Thanks for your detailed feedback. There are so many crystals and stones out there that its hard to know what to try. I appreciate the offer to bounce some things off of you. I have been struggling with grounding on a daily basis while trying to balance a busy life while being an empath. I'm looking for crystals that will help keep negative dark energy off of me. And related to this, I am often too worn out of distracted to focus at work and that also foils my attempts at relaxing and meditating. I have tried black tourmaline and lapis lazuli. I think the tourmaline helps control the negative and the lapis actually at times makes the back of my throat tickle (in an odd but good way so it must be doing something good). I was reading up on fire agate and K2 Stone and was wondering what you thought of those two?

10/09/16 03:20:50PM @4peace:

How are you grounding?  You don't necessarily have to use crystals to do it.  I think of my crystals as helpers.  You have to the ability to do things yourself, but they help :)  Honestly, I got the feeling you needed to spend a little more time outside - I may be wrong - but one of the best ways to stay grounded is to spend time outdoors :)  I often take my shoes off and literally put my feet in the ground ( actually called Earthing).  I also touch trees and plants and the earth.  That being said, when I meditate I visualize roots growing out of my feet and wrapping around the core of the earth.  The stones help with the visualization.

The stones don't have to touch skin.  Some people put them in circles around them.  I do that from time to time, but I love the feel of them on my skin.  I lay down and place the stones and then meditate, sometimes using binaural beats.  LOL, the throat chakra and lapis lazuli go great together!  I get the vibrating/dancing feeling on my throat when I use it.  Blue lace agate is much gentler than lapis if it makes you uncomfortable.

I have not used the fire agate and k2 stone - have you used it?  Hematite is supposed to be the ultimate grounding stone, but I don't like it.  I prefer red jasper.

What are your favorites so far :)  Thanks for talking stones with me!!!  It makes my day!!! :)

In Love and Light,


Hop Daddy
10/09/16 04:04:43PM @hop-daddy:


I am a fairly new empath so grounding is a work in progress for me. I do not yet know how to ground in the moment when hit with negative energy throughout the day. That's why I recently turned to crystals to help me cope. I started with keeping a black tourmaline stone in my pocket by day and under my pillow at night. I did notice an improvement in my anxiety with tourmaline but it was maybe a 30% improvement so I next ordered a bracelet that contains black obsidian, quartz, lapis, and amethyst. When I first put the bracelet on I was a bit dizzy and giddy (almost like I was medicated). And then I felt a warming around my heart and crown and tickling sensation in the back of my throat. Now that I have been wearing the bracelet a couple weeks I only get the tickling throat sensation now. But overall the bracelet has really calmed me down and helps me focus on my work and family. I am hoping I made a good pick with the crystals in this bracelet. And I did want to say that with me it does seem that the crystals need to touch my skin to work best.

I have not yet bought the K2 stone or fire agate. One of my problems that I am trying to solve is that I constantly hear ghosts banging around my home and office. And I have reason to believe they may be trying to attach to me. And I have trouble sleeping and always feel watched. Sometimes they yank on my covers at night. And sometimes something physical happens where things move that shouldn't. After having a particular good day with my bracelet I sat down at my office to work and a small fan that sits on my credenza went flying across the room as if someone threw it. I investigated it and I can't think of any scientific reason why that happened so I surmise that something is not happy that I blocking their ability to sap my energy. So long story short, I am looking for a stone to add that can protect me against entities. And I also would like a stone that can help me meditate and sleep better. I heard the K2 stone is very powerful and is a good one for meditation and that the fire agate is a crystal that is good to protect against dark energy etc... Any thoughts about these stones/crystals or anything else that you would recommend? I may be thinking of this wrong, but so far these seem like medicine for a new empath struggling with a gift that so far is a curse more than a gift.

For K2 stone example online: https://www.energymuse.com/k2-stone-3565.html

As to your grounding question/comments. When I have time at days end I like to sit and soak my feet in a salt water solution and meditate. It works if I can relax. Any funny what you said about me needing to go outside. I always meditate best outside. But I live in Phoenix, AZ and meditating oustide from May-October is a no go due to the excessively high temps. We're almost to the point where I can meditate outside again. :) 

Thanks so much for your insight and help. 

10/19/16 09:45:24AM @4peace:

Oh man, your ghost sounds like a poltergeist.  I'm no expert on those, but most of the protective stones are black if that helps.  Black tourmaline, black kyanite, obsidian - all protective.  You might want to talk with someone more experienced in that type of problem :) 

You also might want a selenite wand or blade to pass around your body to cut attachments from entities - esp if you feel like they are sucking your energy.  Start from top and go to the floor.

Yeah, I kind of think of them as tools, but as friends also :)  I know it sounds weird.  Be aware that just because a stone works a particular way with one person - doesn't mean it will work that way with you.  You can use recommendations for stones as a guideline - then use your intuition.  Like with me - hematite is supposed to be the best grounding stone ever - but I don't like it.  Jet or black tourmaline is better for me :)

I hope you can figure out what's going on with the ghosts.  That would be very stressful for me.



Hop Daddy
10/19/16 05:58:41PM @hop-daddy:


Thanks for the crystal advice. I don't know what to think of our ghost problem. But it’s been going on for 5+ years. And I am the original owner of my home so it’s not like previous owners died in the home and stuck around. We seem to be attracting things. Sometimes it gets really active and then other times it’s not. I'm not really that scared of them, just more annoyed that they are bothering me and my family. The fan flying across my office was the first thing I've had move like that from a ghost. But my son just last week had a portable speaker jump on its own from the back the toilet about 4 feet across the room to the shower (while he was showering). So we continue to have odd things like that happen. I'm looking in to finding a medium to come review our situation and cleanse our house and my office.

But overall the slamming around and "I'm here" ghost sounds have reduced greatly since I started using salt and crystals. I've had good luck with bowls of salt in my bedroom as it seems to keep them away. I was wondering if you’ve ever used or heard of using salt? And I have black tourmaline and black obsidian nearby day and night. I don't feel much from those two stones but they seem to work (lapis tuzuli is the only stone so far that gives me a physical buzzing/tickling feeling when I touch it). Another empath recommended shungite as a strong tool to keep ghosts away. He said it was better than the tourmaline. What do you think of that one?

10/19/16 07:08:10PM @4peace:

Hi Hop Daddy,

Now I'm really worried about you and your family.  You definitely have a poltergeist.  Ghosts don't do anything, just make an appearance.  Ghosts are just former people.  They are nothing to be scared of. Poltergeists are energy- poltergeists are dangerous -  Please tell me you guys didn't mess with a Ouija board?

Get with a medium, but stay calm and keep the chaos to a minimum.

Best of luck, and sending prayers your way


Hop Daddy
10/20/16 12:08:42PM @hop-daddy:


As far as poltergeist activity, we've really only had something verifiable happen on 3 occasions. The first time was years ago. And then the last two just happened recently that I noted earlier in this post. My guess is the recent events seem to be response to my efforts to clear out bad energies through salt and crystals at my home and office. It does seem to be working as the spirit sounds have really decreased and I am overall calmer. So I was guessing the recent poltergeist activity was a lashing out of sorts against my efforts to cleanse and protect. Hopefully it won't continue. But I am trying to find a medium or shaman to help us understand what's going on and clear the house further. Out of the 4 of us, at least 2 are empaths (and my son also seems to be showing signs and may be #3). I think that may be why we seem to be attracting so much. And since we know we are empaths and have been living with spirits for years, we take the dark side very seriously and have never used a Ouija board or anything like that.

11/04/16 12:09:36PM @tundra2:

I have 2 small bowls that I keep on my desk at work one filled with sea salt and the other with black salt.  It really seems to help keep the negative energy away.  I often carry with me a rose quartz crystal, it makes me feel very positive.  I sometimes take it out at the end of the day  and hold it while I walk to my car, it really gives me a boost. 

Deborah Craig
02/20/17 06:03:41PM @deborah-craig:

I'm new to this group that I don't even know where to press to follow anyone..As far as the crystals and cleaning I would do in dirt..I never bury it,some do...I found carrying it for me was fine..Your gut will tell you,just sit back and it comes...Hematite I wore for protection from other people..Turquoise I wear for health.It you have your stone,or gem and sometimes people will grab them to say oh,how nice! Clean it because you don't want to have anyone else's vibes or bad energy..I'm not sure if it was you but someone said they left theirs in the sunlight to clean or in salt water...And when your looking for a raw gem,it will say what it is for.I saw my daughters was in a plastic bag purchased and it said what the stone meant..But I also go with my gut! I just found out some yrs ago what we experienced had a name! I never knew..

Deborah Craig
02/20/17 06:11:50PM @deborah-craig:

My first big experience as a empath was draining! I even had dark circles.I even ran into a tarot reader that picked up on this and said you cannot experience these feelings,it's not good for you! I said tell me! I even called up on a radio shadow and said what I'm experiencing and he said you sound as though this is a curse,I said it is,I want this to stop! He told me your tapping into people because you want to know what's going on with them,which that was true..He said it's like Mothers intuition!

Deborah Craig
02/20/17 06:30:44PM @deborah-craig:

I don't know what I pressed to land here.i was pressing emojis.. But I did want to ask a question but not sure if this is the right group..Did anyone ever hear the term Astro Twins? I ca t find anyone who ever heard of this!