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patty a saint

I am 45. I am 3 years married. I have a teenage son. I have 2 dogs, 3 cats, and fish. Ok, we have a zoo. Wink I have been doing a lot of research on myself recently because I have always felt "different". It is very hard to explain to others close to me how I see things. They either give me that look, you know that look. Like, "here we go with the psychic crap" look. I deal with many closed minded individuals. My husband is the most closed. I feel I can read others thoughts or feelings to the point I always end up either with hurt feelings of just stressed dealing with my thoughts and everyone else's too. It would be nice to see that other people out there has some of the same type experiences as I do. Mostly so I don't feel so weird.   

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@holly5757 • 3 years ago
Does being empathetic ever make your relationship with a significant other very strained? I feel me knowing things that he isn't telling is really wrecking havoc. Of course he just thinks I am "crazy". :(