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I awakened this year, just before my 22nd birthday. I am not yet comfortable sharing my face on this website, but I will try to put up a picture that allows for a read, but fits the “1MB” requirement.

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01/21/18 01:14:28PM @bing:

Hi Friendly Loner 3

I just saw that you are following me here at the EC.  Thank you.  The EC is also on Facebook as well.  If I can be of service to you at anytime please feel free to contact me.  You are going to meet lots of great and kind souls here at the EC.  I also have a group here at the EC called the Library of Light where you can find lots of topics that will help you with questions that you may wish to explore such as 11:11, angels, being a Lightworker, etc... .  

Throw some love into the wind.