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05/28/20 03:03:08PM
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Is this a sign???


I understand your situation as my mother worked her whole life as a teacher, always giving more than required. She would even return to it now from retirement. As @crystalsage suggested already, I as well wanted to ask you if you've tried using the healing crystals. Over the past three years, I've been dealing with toxic people very close in my everyday life and family (to the point it was unbearable for my emotional well-being). I've used lepidolite (which contains lithium and has very soothing and calming effect on axiety) and black tourmaline - which I think actually was more effective. This is normally very strong crystal protector that works by clearing up negative energy, in your environment but also in yourself, so it'd be good to read a bit about it in advance. It can cause quite strong reactions even in the person who is using it.  

I wish you well and all success in your work/calling 💗💗💗