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08/20/20 12:35:31PM
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2 new peer support phone groups for empaths


Hi, Cheshire Cat,

Thank you for inquiring about my groups.

They are free and peer-run, like 12 Step meetings.

Only one person has attended them so far, with me.

I cannot do Zoom, because I do not have internet access at home.

The nearest library where I can access this website (Elise LeBeau's Empath Community) is one hour away from me.  I cannot access this website at closer libraries, for some reason.  I only get to this library once a week, at most.  So I'm sorry for the late reply.

I'm only getting to use the internet at ANY library once per week right now, due to severe fatigue.  If people have questions about the meetings and would like a quicker reply, you can call me at 928-536-749 zero, Pacific Time.

I am going to continue to hold the space for the meetings, even if no one shows up.  I hope, in time, to make contact with more websites and more empaths, online, to invite people who would be helped by the meetings.  I'm going through a severe fatigue right now, and unable to do any more active recruitment at the moment!

Thank you again for your interest.

All best wishes,