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01/24/20 05:26:37AM
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Raise Virbrational Frequency


 Got an energetic excercise to build up defenses against negative intrusions: beings, emotions, thoughts, energy, etc. I've been using with good success. It's has also helped in raising my energy levels.

It's very easy to do. Please share any experiences you have with this exercise.

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12/30/19 05:46:26AM
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Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year...


Happy New Year to you, Mike.

Wish All the Best to the Community in the coming year! 🤗

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12/16/19 07:19:58PM
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A time to mourn...


Oh Michael, that's wonderfully good news to hear! Life always surprises us. Blessings to you...and yes do keep us posted.
Hugs, 💜
12/10/19 03:21:07AM
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Question: How Do Ghosts Know Our Name And Identity?



Here's a discussion on the afterlife. Obviously, these folks aren't psychic but they do recommend some books to read, including Stanford Betty's. They also attempt to put this information into perspective as to how we can use it in regard to our lives in the living.

I haven't listened to the whole yet, but please note there are a few glitches in the sound quality.
12/05/19 03:59:42PM
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Question: How Do Ghosts Know Our Name And Identity?


The following is from a book called 'When Did You Ever Become Less by Dying' by Stafford Betty. Below is a synopsis of from the chapter titled: 'Spirit Communication Through Mediums' Number 8 will answer your question.

1. The afterworld is not some fantastic vision of infinity where souls are locked in poses of permanent rapture gazing at the face of God. And no one floasts on a cloud while playing a harp. Rather it is a place with landscapes and seas and houses and cities reminiscent of our own world - a material world, but of higher vibration insensible to us earthlings. There are gardens, universities, libraries, and hospices for the newly dead - but no factories, fire stations, sanitary landfills or smokestacks. There are no dirty jobs to do. "We have no traffic, and our roads are covered with the thickest and greenest grass, as soft to the feet as a bad of fresh moss. It is on these that we walk", says Msgr. Hugh Benson. All accounts describe a world of exquisite natural beauty.

2. The afterworld begins at the earth’s surface and extends outward. Earth is the nucleus of the entire world system that the spirits describe. Many spirit communicators tell us that their world “envelopes and interpenetrates the physical world.”

3. Spirit realms vary from culture to culture. We should not expect the Eskimo’s afterworld to look like the Maori’s. Nor should we expect Sunni and Sh’ia Muslims to be living comfortably side by side in the same sector of the afterworld. Physical violence is not possible in the afterlife, but old habits of mutual suspicion and animosity don’t disappear just because we die. 

4. Earth’s slow vibrations dumb down our ability to sense the presence of spirit, including the Divine. A quickened vibration, such as we find in the afterworld, or what we shall call the astral, greatly increases one’s sensitivity to spirit. The Divine is no closer to the astral world than to our own, but spirits can discern or intuit the Divine more cleanly.

5. The newly “dead” are thoroughly themselves when they pass. Their personalities and habits and character, for better or worse, are completely intact. Once the physical body dies, the inner body quite naturally becomes the outer—as a snake’s inner skin becomes the outer skin once it sheds the old. There is nothing miraculous about the process of surviving death.

6. The Afterworld is a broad-based society of every conceivable kind of person, most of them flawed and incomplete in some way or another. Many are no more motivated to “grow their souls” than they were back on earth. According to one spirit, “Most are content to assimilate the experiences they had on earth . . . most souls do not demand enough here, any more than they did in life.” But many are determined to advance and do so.

7. Most spirits mention some kind of Judgment. One spirit wrote that the Judgment “consists in being able to see ourselves as we are, and by no stretch of imagination being able to avoid seeing it. It is a Judgment of God on us [lesser selves] through our Higher Selves. No other person could be so just a Judge as we ourselves can be when facing the truth. For many it is a terrible hour.” None of these spirits speaks of an inquisitor deity sitting on a throne.

8. Astral beings have fewer limitations. They can communicate telepathically and with much greater precision than through the cumbersome medium of speech. They can move from place to place by willing to be at their destination, though they can walk if they want to. Their minds are sharper, their emotions more acutely felt, both positive and negative. They see and hear as before, but in a more intense way. 

9. Because experience is heightened, pain as well as pleasure is intensified, and sometimes the pain is acute. It comes from an awakened awareness of all the pain inflicted on others by one’s cruel or insensitive actions or words, which are now experienced as one’s own. It is not surprising that spirits urge us again and again to seek and offer forgiveness before we die, not wait until after.

10. The afterworld is composed of astral or etheric matter, which is “largely malleable by thought,” as one spirit put it. Another stated that it could be “manipulated with infinite ease.”

11. The old or decrepit or injured bodies left behind at passing do not have to follow spirits into the next world. The physical leg that was shortened by polio can be instantly restored to normal size. The damaged brain no longer need cage the spirit. The wrinkled old body can be young again in its astral vigor.

12. Spirits greatly respect time spent on earth. One says, “Your world is the hardest school of your round of experiences. Prizes won here are won for eternity. The very density of the material in which you work makes the overcoming of it a finer conquest. . . . Experience on your planet is a unique opportunity and a privilege. . . . Make the best of every opportunity. A strenuous life on earth is of immense value.”

13. The Creator places souls in the difficult environment of earth because He (She, It) loves them. He wants to see them grow in wisdom, love, and power. He knows that the only way to bring out the best in a soul is to challenge it, in the same way that a good teacher challenges her students. Soul-building, or character development, is the whole point of our sojourn, both on earth and beyond, say the spirits. The use we make of our free will is absolutely crucial to our progress at all levels.

14. No one is “saved” by faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior, as Protestant Christianity teaches, and deathbed conversions have no impact on the quality of life in the world to come. Character alone counts, not beliefs. Good atheists are not disadvantaged, though they are not likely to remain atheists once they come over! () Correct beliefs are helpful insofar as they encourage good lives. And they often do.

15. Spirits are not allowed to overreach in the astral. They cannot enter a vibration or cross a boundary they are not ready for. There is justice in where they end up at death. According to their character, they gravitate to their rightful place. They can move ahead only when they are changed enough to do so.

16. Many spirits had ambitious plans for self-improvement before they descended into flesh, but the density of earth’s matter, including their own dense brain, caused them to forget what they came for. Subject to material concepts, they lost their way. They died only to discover to their disappointment that they mostly failed to accomplish the goal they had set for themselves. But for many of them it's ok, for there has been much growth in unpremeditated ways.

17. Many astral inhabitants maintain a lively interest in the events of earth and long to help it progress. They claim that many or even most of earth’s most brilliant achievements were inspired by spirits telepathically projecting their ideas.

18. Physical danger does not exist in the astral. Neither does physical illness. Eating is optional and sleep unnecessary. The calls of nature do not even get a mention. Spirits may retain their outward appearance, but the inner composition of their bodies (their organs) is of no consequence and (from what I can deduce) altered. 

19. There are hellish regions in the astral, and large populations that make their home there. What is sometimes referred to as the Shadow Lands is a vast world of many conditions. The landscapes vary from sordid city neighborhoods to parched, gray scrubland to dark, lifeless deserts. The vivid clarity of higher realms is missing. Instead there is a dull overcast. Temporarily lost or confused or stubbornly unrepentant souls populate these regions.

20. “Missionary spirits” minister to souls in the Shadow Lands. Residents can free themselves if they are willing to face up humbly to their errors and crimes and repent them. Some do; and most, perhaps all, will eventually. But many jeer at their would-be helpers and seem to prefer their dull or chaotic lives over the challenges of higher worlds they are frightened of. 

21. No spirit is condemned forever to the dark regions. But God will never interfere with our free will. Acting through higher spirits seeking to lead the “stumblers” out of their self-imposed exile, God will invite tirelessly, but will never force. One gets the impression that, at least for the moment, many spirits actually prefer their dimmed-down world to the higher Light-filled worlds they were created for, and that someday they will choose to enter.

22. The worst of these spirits aggressively seek to harm vulnerable humans on earth. Other spirits are enslaved to their addictions and become earthbound. For example, an earthbound spirit who was an alcoholic is still pestered by the craving for alcohol. So he hangs around bars on earth and “drinks through” other alcoholics he temporarily possesses, making it all the more difficult for his victim to conquer the habit. Spirits surround us, and they are not all our friends. 

23. There are three basic ways to progress in the afterworld: admitting defects in one’s character, service to others, and yearning for higher states. Service to others demands effort, work, sacrifice. Nowhere do the spirits describe a deity who requires us to flatter or glorify him with our prayers. That is not the way to progress.

24. There are no rigid creeds or magical beliefs that souls have to accept. Whether you are a Baptist or a Catholic or a Mormon or a Hindu or a Buddhist or a Muslim or an Anglican is of no importance.Many of earth’s favorite religious dogmas are off the mark anyway, and the sooner they are forgotten, the better. Experience in the afterworld will generate, as a matter of course, a more enlightened set of beliefs that will better reflect the way things really are than any of earth’s theologies. 

25. There are no masks in the astral. You cannot hide from others what you are: the quality of light shining forth from your body tells all. One spirit tells us that our negative thoughts “go around like big, heavy, sluggish pieces of material – like mud or oil slicks.” Even the house a spirit lives in reflects his spiritual stature. These facts can be humiliating at first, but it spurs many spirits on to a greater effort to improve themselves.

26. Many spirits are members of large spirit families, or “Group Souls,” that await them when they pass. They feel as if they have come home when they are received by the familiar group. One spirit tells us that souls in a Group are “part of ourselves. Their connection with us is deeper and far more permanent than mere earth contacts could make it.”

27. As spirits progress in the next world, they eventually slough off their astral body, just as they sloughed off their gross body at physical death. Then they operate out of a spiritual body of lesser density with a greater capacity for joy and awareness. One spirit described this as a “thinning out” process: “Beyond here, matter becomes more ethereal and bodies thin out into a visible presence of light and flame.”

28. Spirits are not naked, but clothed. Astral clothing is fashioned by the mind, usually without any conscious effort. Clothes are actually part of the astral body. Crookall tells us that a spirit’s clothes “automatically reflect his character because they are part of the total self—part, in fact, of the subtle body that automatically responds to his habitual thoughts and feelings.” There are no clothes closets in the astral.

29. Children of all ages are raised in the afterworld. They are not magically transformed into adults just because they died prematurely. One of the noblest professions in the astral is nurturing and educating spirit orphans. Great numbers of spirits are engaged in this satisfying form of work.

30. Many spirits continue to observe the man-made forms of religion they practiced on earth until they discover a deeper, fuller spirituality “purged of every trace of meaningless creed, of doctrines and dogmas,” as one spirit put it. Some say they have seen Jesus. AD Mattson, a Lutheran theologian on earth, says that each of us will see Jesus, if we want to, as we think of him. Presumably that would hold true of other religious savior figures.

31. Spirits enjoy hobbies, knitting being one of them. “Do not be shocked. Did you fancy that a lifelong habit could be laid aside in a moment?” said one spirit. There is plenty of time in the astral. Boredom and even homesickness for earth are mentioned in these accounts. I have read only one account of spirits enjoying ball sports - probably because it would be too easy to control the flight of the ball with one’s mind, and there wouldn’t be much challenge. 

32. Pets are often mentioned by spirits. “It is perfectly true that all the dogs that we’ve had in our family I can find here,” said one spirit. “They are still individualized.” But dogs no longer loved “have gone back to the group soul and have added their quota of affection, love, and devotion, to be used again when other dogs come to earth.” 

33. What about reincarnation? According to Mattson, the Lutheran theologian, “It’s an interesting fact that most persons grow faster spiritually while incarnate. The incarnate energy is denser. Your period of incarnation on the physical plane is thus a very important period of education. You can elect not to return, and many do, after they have achieved a certain spiritual development.But the physical plane is a ‘school’ for learning and development, and so most souls do return for a series of incarnations.”

Interview with Stanford Betty:
11/19/19 08:48:18AM
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Seeing Faces And Numbers Everywhere


Okay, here goes, for what it's worth to any individual that reads this. The secret that lies behind this reality has been exposed. Scary and depressing to say the least. It is shocking. And it is a shock of such a severe nature that is required to push one on to search further; if that is your inclination. If not, follow where you will, where you feel comfortable. It is your choice. There really are no wrong choices, only learning.

For any who can't leave it at that, you may ask,"Surely this can't be our only fate?" On that note, something to read. It is very long and may have to be read a few times. After, you can say it's all bunk, or you can walk the path.

SNIP: "What can be, what might have been, or what should be are ideas that can be dealt with via reason even if there are no apparent manifestations of them in the reality. And this is where the mind - consciousness, awareness - comes into the picture in disciplined effort to envision what has not (apparently) existed and does not (apparently) exist, but which MUST exist by virtue of the fact we can conceive it."

"In the deepest terms, reason is more than the domain of possibilities; it is also the realm of possible empirical worlds, of analytic constructions, of alternate conceptions, and of potential frameworks for the very conditions of experience. Because we can think about things that we have never experienced with any of our senses, we can understand that reason, making use of knowledge and awareness, can be independent of the "real world".

"Therefore, it is also possible that Reason, supported by knowledge and awareness, followed by choice, stands in causal relation to phenomena."

"In other words, if your knowledge and awareness of the reality lead you to the conclusion, via reason, that the reality is controlled, and you are not free within it, yet you can develop or comprehend the idea of a world that is NOT controlled, that is NOT limited, you can CHOOSE to align yourself with such a possible world in a deep and conscious way. This choice of alignment then becomes your connection to a THOUGHT CENTER."

"And the stronger your connection to the Thought Center, which is in the causal realm, the more it will manifest in your reality." SOURCE:

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11/18/19 04:34:17PM
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Seeing Faces And Numbers Everywhere


@cheshire-cat While there is wisdom in not going looking for trouble, I see that trouble is here and is getting increasingly worse.

Take over of the planet is nearing completion. If one would look at the world you would see this everywhere.

24/7 surveillance nearly here and complete in China. All using technology extremely harmful to the human body and dna.

Human trafficking, especially of children and other horrors. Government officials taking part in this and law enforcement protecting them.

Satanic ritual abuse is in the news.

Christianity is under attack.

Gulag style prisons rising up in our world.

Air, water, food is poisoned.

Medical systems have weponized. The drinking of blood can again be prescribed by doctors. Vaccinations have been weaponized.

Gender is being attacked and our children are being taught shameful things as the norm in grades as low as kindergarten.

Monetary systems are predatory.

Antinatalism is being pushed on young people.

Psychopaths run the world and psychopathy appears to be on the rise.

People are disappearing in large numbers with no explanation.

Not to mention the push for the general population to be accepting of ufos/aliens via the news, statements from influential people and movies.

This is not a planet run by true human beings. They are overshadowed or possessed by controlling entities. And those that aren't are blackmailed into submission.

This has been building for thousands of years and we have reached the point of technology and infrastructure where total subjugation of the mankind is easily obtained. Just last week, elites announced that the population should be reduced by 90%.

I believe that Jesus and others warned us of this and what they actually did was show how to get out with your soul intact.

It may well be that your health has improved by not looking at these things any more and I understand your need of rest from debilitating illness. For the most part if one keeps their head down and doesn't cause any threat they will leave you alone. But that does not account for what is happening especially to our children. They are innocent and do not read things that we are speaking of, nor would they have any cause to have interest....the very young ones, anyway.

This IS spiritual warfare going on and the battle has always been through us. 'They' are negative beings and are pulling humanity into a negative polarity. People deserve the right to know what we're up against, how to protect themselves and their families, and to understand that their very souls are on the line. It's wake up call time!

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11/18/19 02:15:57PM
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Seeing Faces And Numbers Everywhere


@hop-daddy I can relate to Tom Montalk's experiences. The more severe attacks I withstood came from my writing on the internet from the 90s to mid 2000s. I haven't written much about that here except on the attack from the psychopath. Bizzare is a good description.
11/18/19 01:32:18PM
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Seeing Faces And Numbers Everywhere


@tigerlily It's a way to pull yourself out of negativity and a discourse on how dificult that may be thru sheer willpower.

What he suggests is using a mechanical method, in this case a prayer and your concentration on it. It is particularly good when you're at your weakest from attacks all around...
11/18/19 01:19:31PM
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Seeing Faces And Numbers Everywhere


I posted this long ago but was lost when a member left. @tigerlily

LIFELINE By Tom Montalk

Emotional negativity is a form of intoxication. It impairs perception and judgment. The intellect becomes slave to emotion and begins defending it, creating a vicious cycle in which thoughts bias perception and biased perception reinforces negativity.

Soon the mind sees what it wants to see and finds endless reasons to indulge in cynicism and depression — injustice, betrayal, suspicion, despair, stupidity, etc…

In most cases, this downward spiral is initiated and sustained by influences that have no basis in reason. The mind isn’t even aware of the true reasons for its irritated or suppressed state. All it takes is a chemical imbalance, an abrasive astrological influence, a trigger word stirring some subconscious wound, a bad dream you don’t remember, or a small irritation suddenly “ruining” your day.

But these are relatively benign aggravators. More serious ones include psychic attack, entity attachments, subliminal persuasion through implants, remote scalar modulation of emotional frequency rate, and triggering of posthypnotic commands following abduction and mind programming.

Nevertheless, the exact cause isn’t as important as the solution. When you’re feeling down, you’re feeling down. How to climb out of that pit?

The biggest problem is that negative emotions limit perception, meaning you fail to recognize, remember, or observe the positive side of things. That is because when your emotional state is lowered, your focal point of consciousness has descended into the baser self and is looking through its dark eyes, identifying with its skewed perception.

The baser self is an infantile creature, both predator and victim. It enjoys your suffering, your hatred and anger, your contempt and resentment. Often we merge so closely with this creature that we feel what it feels, which is why at some level we enjoy wallowing in negativity. But remember this is not the realyou — this is you feeling the pleasure your baser self derives from the suffocation of your spirit. If you pay attention, you will notice a part of your own mind in the background that is calm and unaffected, that has to forget itself if it wants to indulge in the negative wallowing. You can return to this calm observer mind, and from there catapult yourself to a positive state.

When you are drowning in negativity you need a lifeline to pull yourself back to shore. Something must lead from your drunken state to sober state in order for you to follow. Without it, you are not equipped to make that transition. It’s like trying to get home but being too drunk to walk, let alone drive; best to have a sober friend help you.

One example of a self-reinforcing cycle is paranoia. This is a particulary sticky trap for the intellect. Trying to reason your way out of biased suspicions will only sink you deeper because a clever mind is clever at coming up with rationalizations for its delusions. There are some problems for which reason alone is insufficient. I learned this the hard way and had to transcend reason in order to break out of the cycle, and that hard-won lesson is the focus of this research note.

I eventually comprehended that breaking out of a vicious cycle requires the injection of an element that originates outside that cycle of biased logic. Otherwise the cycle is self-reinforcing. For instance, when the mind alternates between sobriety and drunkenness, both states seem valid and justified while one is experiencing them, even though only the first is truly valid. Both sober and drunk people may believe they can drive well, but the drunk ones are deluding themselves.

During states of what ultimately turned out to be unjustified negativity, rather than reasoningmy way out of it I simply pulled myself up a rope leading toward a more balanced state. This rope is simply a prayer, an affirmation, a meditation, an inspirational book — something mechanical that serves as an aid in regaining balance. Only when emotions are balanced is the mind qualified to make proper assessment of the facts. Until then, a bit of faith is required in using what is basically an emotional device, a lifeline.

As mentioned earlier, negativity clouds perception and subjectively rearranges, distorts, and blots out the perceived facts. But a prayer, meditation, sequence of spiritual facts coming from a place of sobriety and anchored in place via print or rote memory, this survives any transition you make into negativity and serves as a lifeline back to clarity and balance.

Forget reasoning your way out of negativity — first get a grip on your emotions. Break the cycle of subjectivity by contemplating a prewritten or pre-memorized sequence of phrases that captures the essence of a balanced perception. Yes this is a crutch, but it’s better to hobble than to crawl. It’s the easiest method, a quick fix for desparate situations.

The reason it works is because you acknowledge that your perceptions are skewed and thereby withdraw your energy from illusion. You also acquire faith to temporarily put aside the petitions of the baser self and instead wait for your vibes to lift before making any decisions or conclusions. Once your emotional state has risen to equilibrium, perception returns to normal and you are then in a better position to make decisions and act upon them.

So the key is bypassing an intellect intoxicated with negative emotions by turning your attention toward thoughts and feelings designated as sober by sober sources. The only hard part is willing yourself to give it a try since the baser self is very reluctant to give up its joyride and will initially resist through you. Do it anyway. Become aware of the calm observer at the center of your self-awareness, and then shift gears by using a lifeline.

If this idea appeals to you, try creating your own lifeline to call upon when necessary. The one I use employs a hermetic axiom stating that vibrations can be changed in degrees. So starting with the most negative of positive emotions, sorrow, I raise myself degree by degree. For illustrative purposes, here is one that works for me:

Sorrow for the wounded,
Compassion for the wounded.
Understanding of the ignorant, 
Acceptance of the ignorant.
To know that everything has been in its right place, 
Is in its right place, and will continue to be in its right place.
That’s why I have comfort in the past,
Gratitude in the present, and hope for the future.
I thank the Universe for this opportunity
To live and shine my light,
To guide and be guided,
To love and be loved.

Here, each line is pondered in its full meaning before going to the next. That is important, as the mechanical serves only as a template for your emotional, intellectual, and spiritual to follow. Just mumbling the words without thought does nothing. You can boil them down to just a sequence of words: sorrow, compassion, understanding, acceptance, relief, hope, gratitude, love, purpose.

Sometimes it is enough to turn within and focus on the feeling of profound peace. Actually, with sufficient willpower and focus you can dispense with mechanical tools altogether and simply turn within, remember your spiritual self, and thereby raise yourself to an exalted state.

But when under severe pressure, and here I mean an all out hyperdimensional “lesson,” (they hit you from the inside and outside simultaneously, at your weakest spots at your weakest moments) the mechanical method is a literal godsend.