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02/05/19 01:53:32PM
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Sound therapy, who's tried it?


Hi i have a ringing sound in my head. (Tinnitus) which have been the cause of a lot of problems for me. It's a constant disruption to my attention span. How I hear and also blockage. So I got an hearing aid, have soundtherapy all day long. A frequency that is tuned to my inner sound. So I now can function in life. I got an sound oasis with 20 therapeutic sounds so I have now lived in 24 hours sound therapy for 14 days. It has changed my life. I'm calmer, the noises of man made objects do not bother me as much as it did. Before I could not hear what anyone said if a car drove by. Going to a cafe was hell, felt like the entire cafe was inside my head. Now with the hearing aid sound therapy its liveable. So for me it's a shift from living in isolation and only going out deep in to the woods as far away from society as possible to feel son measure of comfort to actually being able to have a semi normal life. Still quite new to this experience and noticed that the sound therapy frequency needs to be adjusted a bit. Had a uncomfortable experience to day, where I felt that this insanely high pip ripped through my mind whilst on the mobile phone with a friend, so needed to adjust the volume on the sound therapy