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Just Stevie
03/08/21 11:02:36AM
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Paranormal Distress Call


Thank you Layla 😊
Just Stevie
03/08/21 06:12:21AM
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Paranormal Distress Call


Ideally I would prefer that I keep interacting with Ghosts? Visitors? I felt like there was a purpose The visitors started about 6 mo prior A couple examples: The first time I was in my bedroom my daughter came in and over to me I said "what's the matter honey?" I looked up with a bit of a shock and Said "Oh - Your not Tori" to the teen girl in front of me
I always wake when I feel a presence. I was startled and I frightened a little boy He turned to runaway and I called him back saying "It's ok" He was precious He was about 6 or 7 yrs dressed in Army fatigues with the cap
Another time a boy of 11or 12 yrs He also had on Army fatigues He ran up to me smiling and hugged me Then ran off
One more different twist A woman came up to me and violently shook me back & forth Like trying to shake sense into me lol 😆
Of course there was not a possibility of actual touch nor did any of them speak It's hard to explain how I knew these actions
After sometime it went to a new level I could see people and they could see me and were shocked The last was a level where I could see people but they could not see me I felt like a voyeur

One other separate incident I was at the gym looking up at the ceiling and saw a vision Over some time (days) it progressed until I eventually realized it was a carnival ride I begin to see the vision everywhere on a wall in a frying pan in a cup several weeks later I heard on the TV of a carnival ride accident After that I never saw it again

Getting back to current that vision is used now to get my attention A primitive pendulum movement Once the force (or whatever) started acting up the visits ended I avoided trying to make other connections ie. I used to see like a mini movie looking through a window on a wall etc

These events were not occasionally monthly or even weekly it is daily 24/7
I have never found anyone that has anything even close

The ironic part is if you have ever heard of Casadaga a famous Community of Psychics 🔮 I lived very close and had visited (not for a reading or anything) No connection 🤷‍♀️ I had lived where I am now for a few years before the events began

I don't know if this has anything to do with the situation but pretty much all the time I hear music sometimes just the melody sometimes vocal as well It had been very identifiable for quite sometime awhile back It was not something like me thinking of a song because it would change midway ie. "Hello Dolly - The Stripper - Looney Tunes Now it is like Orchestra I can identify the instruments horns violins 🎶 etc but not the name When there is no music there is a high pitch wire singing sound sometimes both It affects my hearing It is quite loud has woken me up Sometimes I almost say "Please turn that music down," As I mentioned earlier my vision is also being compromised

This is all difficult for me because I am a Realist I have a scientific mind set I look for reasons - which there are none

Several have tried to help but nothing has been successful I tried smudging & crystal/jewelry

I think I am wanted or needed for some rèason by someone something 🤷‍♀️
Just Stevie
03/05/21 08:46:11PM
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Paranormal Distress Call


I am not sure if I am putting the response in the right place
It looks like the site has changed since I was here last

This did turn into a Novel It's tremendously long and probably redundant My memory 🧠 is shot too!
If you don’t want to dive in I totally understand You can just hit delete 😉
It actually was therapeutic 😁

Hi Karen it's been awhile Good to hear back from you
Thank you for your much thought out reply
It's REALLY hard to explain any of this because I can't explain it to myself There is nothing to compare or relate to
There is SO much involved because it redifines itself and multi-tasks

There are many parts to whatever this is I have no imagination so I don't belief I could manufacture the details and I never know what's going to happen next but I constantly challenge myself and wonder But it would be impossible
I am going to thank you for reading 📚 and caring in advance because this will be novel worthy I always try to give people details because I feel I have to create a mental picture Well actually I TRY to be brief but that never happens I really appreciate your taking the time and it feels so much better to have someone who understands So if nothing else I will try to make it entertaining 😉😅 I'm kind of snarky I take things very seriously but at the same time I keep it light and airy if that makes sense

This all started out of the blue totally contrary to who I was and the way I processed thought
It Started with nightly visits from Ghosts? I called them visitors It was fun but emotional I never saw the same one twice nor were they familiar No verbal communication
I would sense them and wake up I knew I wasnt asleep because I would get up¹ and walk around the house and actually "pinch myself" 🙄

At some point I started mind traveling I can't remember how or why It was fun and interesting It got to be a little more intense because I felt a man was taking advantage of females It wasn't normal stuff It was more like "Twilight Zone Meets Pod people"
Being the Champion of the down trodden I had to stick my nose in Eventually I challenged him to show me what was going on He took me on a tour That was fun too It was like a Disney ride I felt the movement and sensations of the ride as it went switching directions and levels He tired of the game stopped ✋ and then at some point I am thinking ergo the man's face
What I see when I close my eyes is levels of colors behind maybe like a black hairnet that change Red bad Purple the highest and I think the next would be up & out Originally he presented himself as my grandmother but he could morph to any one One time he showed his real face which was evil and menacing he (the face) comes in & out from all directions I can send him away by averting or opening my eyes but I can also send him away with verbal hand signals or telecommunication He is sneaky as he comes and goes always tries to put his mouth on mine
The only way I see him is coming through the net like covering across the colors Starts with red usually but sometimes it tries to trick me with other colors especially purple The other colors go quickly back to red and then I am out of there

The other part is when this netting starts to crawl across the walls Eventually fill the entire room
It can break into pieces or shapes while never losing the space they occupy They can stretch out like a cobweb and attach itself to a thing or person especially my husband They make the bed look (only to me) like it's moving sort of like rolling waves or something crawling under the covers

I used to think I could make it go away with light I would leave the TV on all night I came to know they were there during lighting and day light I caught them in a sunbeam going across the room If you ever noticed (in reality) dust will float around on the sunbeam and you think OMG😲 I am breathing this stuff 🤧 and never knew it
but I digress...
So what I saw when I actually looked was more like very fine patterned plastic wrap all but invisible It was always there around me Then another eureka moment in the Opticians (recently) chair having problems with close up reading that the lens couldnt correct my vision I realized it was because I was actually looking through the filmy transparency that surrounds me

The third part is when it's dark or mostly
there becomes what appears to be a wispy curtain like throw over some or all of the furniture and/or walls The same light burgundy colored pattern only solid I can put my hand through it and then I can no longer see it
Early on it had formed in front of my bedroom sliding glass door that has vertical blinds Curiousity got the best of me and I walked through not the verticals or glass just the curtain
I was standing at the edge of the door 🚪 opening on a concrete ledge on a 2nd story as I looked out I saw a large wood fenced backyard surrounded by tall Pine trees 🌲 and a thick covering of lush very green grass It was beautiful However since I was on the edge of a long drop I backed out through the curtain Then it's gone

Whatever this phenomenon is it reads my mind I try to ignore and it mostly works however if I carelessly think I haven't noticed it acting up in several days or indicate in any way I might do or say something to someone You guessed it Party time it acts up big time
Everything is covered and distorted in several rooms The worst or so I thought was the master bedroom down a short hallway to the bathroom I literally have to feel my way past 2 walkin closets and upon entering the bathroom feel for the full length cabinets on the right then just around the corner is the potty 😀room if I go too far I hit a wall and then a opening to a double walk in shower I can see absolutely none of that I bounce off the folding closet doors usually try to turn to quick and hit sold wood cabinets ouch! 🥴 I feel for the molding around the door to walk through It should be easy breezy but I get totally disoriented still having to find the wall switch to turn on a light yeah! I made it without my husband seeing me or hearing me run into things

So now I'll get back to the "or so the "worst or so I thought" When coming out of my office I usually turn right stove light is on so it's ok but last night I came out and was going to make a slight left then forward to be in the living room I didn't quite swing far enough left and ran into the back of the loveseat So I know to go a little further before I turn Oops too soon again hit the glass end table ow! 🤕 Now I can make a right and the loveseat will be there Ah but I again turn too soon hit the table this time knocking over a vase luckily it was a small one In the other room this time husband hears👂it hit the table "what was that?" "I bumped the table and the vase fell over" "How did you do that?" " I don't know" Close one! Seriously though He would be sick with worry Want me to see a Dr...
I mean if I am coming out of the office look to the right (kitchen) I can not see him standing there Of course he can see me so steady as she goes

About 2-3 years ago my daughter-in-law's mother had a stroke There is a 6 hr time difference between the two it's that far She flew out there Her mother never regained consciousness and had to be taken off life support She took it very badly My husband and I had been staying with our son He was a mess too and he couldn't go to California with his wife so he worried about her as well anyway... Off track again

Right after her mother had officially died I was laying in bed - middle of the night I woke up her mother came out of the closet or should I say through the closet

I saw her in her entirety I could describe her hair what she was wearing Mostly what she wore was a big satisfied smile and she didn't have a care Well she really didn't have a care 😏 She looked at peace
She never saw me just walked past
I wanted so badly to tell my daughter-in-law about it but I knew she wouldn't believe and couldn't handle it She needed to know It would have helped her but if it is not accepted it helps no one

Right now I am in the bedroom Since I have been typing I didn't notice it was dark As I look up I see I'm surrounded by web net whatever I can tell this is not

About a yr and a half ago She woke up not feeling well My son went to get her something cool Within minutes she had a heart attack Same scenario as her mother. They were able to restart her heart The hospital wrapped her in ice

This where my crazy kicks in
After a day they wanted to turn off life support We said we had to wait until her other son got there The next day we went to see her I was desperate
These colors changes I go throRight after her mother had officially diedugh is like staring into an abyss with levels I put my hands on her and just busted through telling who or what ever don't get in my way I searched all over got through a few layers but I couldn't get to purple (her favorite color) I thought if I could reach her then I could bring her back I moved my hands from place to place and concentrated so hard but I couldn't find her Even my husband understood what I was doing and said I know how hard you tried

So we all went back that night to say good bye At that point I realized she was already dead (Later found out the doctor had pronounced her the night before but didn't tell us) I still wanted to reach her I guess to be sure she was alright so I tried to connect again My son was next to me nearest her head She is laying on her back arms at her side a sheet covering her body
As I watched her I saw her hand move I asked did anyone see that or was it just me They all agreed they had Her hand contined very slowly to bring it out from under the sheet bending her arm she reach for my son He said "what do I do" I replied "take her hand" and he did He could feel her love as she took his hand for the last time in their 20 yrs of marriage Then I saw angels? guides? whatever in billowy purple cloaks move in and swirl around her The last trace of doubt I still might have had vanished I do have powers

The point to this story is I knew I was playing with fire when I stepped into that world I was right Now I have a more determined slightly aggressive force to deal with I repeatedly say I want them to leave I wil never give into them (curious at times of course they know)
But I won't There has never been any fear of any of it and as much as I hate this I don't feel anger I actually think they need me for some rèason and I don't think it's for this world 🤷‍♀️

It keeps getting harder to deal with it and I think this force is sapping me of strength not to mention sleep plus I feel different inside I can't really relate to life It seems primitive Although I do not know of any other "life" I am still an Empath but more reserved

The other night with the love seat bit I had to leave the room because the shapes were closing in on me I felt an intense tremulous going through me almost electrified and a gravity pull
They have done this before just not on that level!
My husband and I were staying with my son He was pretty upset plus his wife was flying to California alone so he was very worried about that
Right after her mother had officially died
I was in the bedroom middle of night I walk up & see her mother walk out of the closet or I should say through the closet door in mid air because of course everyone knows dead people don't walk on the floor 🙄😅
I saw her in her entirety - solid looking I could describe her hair her clothes but mostly there was her big smile She was truly happy relaxed content peaceful She had a determined walk She walked on past me never losing sight of where she was headed
I wanted so much to tell her about her mother but I couldn't she wouldn't believe me and would be more upset

Here's a prime example:
I am in the bedroom since I have been typing I never realized how dark it was in there I got up and the net/ web was crawling all over the (whatever allows them to crawl separate & build) everything They know I hate the very black very thick webs so of of course it's game on They tried to intimidate me but I ignore (honestly they all creep me out but the thick ones the most) I pick up my phone and half of what I typed They obviously were quite pleased with themselves because they turned sparkly & iridescent
But Ah ha I was able to get a good bit background clipboard Now they don't know what to do
Just Stevie
03/03/21 08:42:06PM
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Paranormal Distress Call


It seems unreal but it's been over 3 yrs and still it stays and won't leave I dont know what "it" is even if it's paranormal or interestial  MAYBE INSANITY

For those who have heard my plight 

I know now it has nothing to do with spiders

There are not words to even try to describe it to myself but I will try....

Always when it's dark but sometimes in the day It starts with a slow crawl in groups slipping over walls up down across whatever Sometimes it's dark and foreboding Can be light more delicate or sparkly like a zillion stars are around

It breaks away into smaller groups Especially if I look their way smaller somewhat statically shapes will rush me I don't wait I close my eyes turn away Sometimes they try to emulate a person or animal but I don't buy into it

The man's face is still there wanting to probably take my breath or maybe my life I don't really know He's sneaky & persistant I can send him away but he still tries to come back from a different angle Now that I think about it he's only there when my eyes are closed like in the shower Also when I walk into my bedroom when it's dark I will see a momentarily oval light

I thought they were there only in the dark but I find it's not my vision going I am actually looking through an opaque whispy vapor like whatever? They are all  always in perpetual motion

Wherever I am, I am actually encased 

I try my best to ignore not think about it but eventually it's just there

It knows if I am trying to think of a way to rid it or try to communicate about it 

Example I typed half of this left for a minute come back even the screen I was typing on was gone

Ergo why it took so long to contact anyone I believe it's preventing me in a way because I mean to then I say maybe tomorrow Of course I wil be punished

This is even harder to explain but the worse part

There are curtain like sheets draped over furniture mostly living room When it's really annoyed it drapes over walls and doors Most pretty much everything

I can't see through it I can put my hand through it and not see my hand

In the beginning I did walk through once and it was freaky like an alternate universe

When it drapes I can't see anything  because it's pattern and has color

I can't see anything but the drapes It is very disorienting I literally have to feel my way to figure out where I am going I so far have hidden it from my husband He freaks out Wants me to see a doctor Why am I the only one seeing these things when no one else is? etc

It can become panicky when I can't find my closet door in the hallway or I continue to my bathroom but bump into  a built-in linen cabinet trying to find the door to the potty All the while feeling along moldings to find the door and then feel the wall for the light switch 

I have tried all kind of things others have tried to help but it seems I am the square peg trying to fit in a round hole

I can not do anything that would alert my husband He was bad enough when I had visitors He doesn't know anything is going on any longer

I have not even been anywhere without him because I keep having problems with illness and symptoms without remedies Labs off in general but can't pinpoint cause Just enough to take me out of the game

I often wonder could the "force" be causing it I do feel a gravitational pull when it's near me and sometimes I get weird tingles that goes through my body for a few seconds

I got a new car for my birthday 1 1/2 yrs ago and only driven it once I don't feel I am in control enough to chance it

OK So I always think I'm gonna jot down a few lines and as usual it turns into a book... Sorry 😒

Just Stevie
10/05/19 03:13:54PM
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Traveling or Projecting


Still trying to figure this out. While it's not a real big deal at the least it's annoying and there's potential for danger in the way of falling. When "it" is rested and wants to be assertive everything in the house can be draped including doors and walls. Trying to feel my way around a dark hallway to find & open my closet doors is a challenge. Especially challenging to do it before my husband gets to the hall before I find the closet. He'll be convinced I am out of my mind.

Ok, so after the big lead in this is what I am thinking/wondering.
If we are on the physical plane and next is the mental plane where everything is identical but has no matter; is it possible I have combined the two on some subdivision of a subplane level and either brought it back with me or I allowed it in or who knows maybe I am there and not here.
The thought basis is I have read of possibilities where there may be a fog or mist and possibly ability to go through doors walls portals and in my case for lack of better word drapes. My world now is always, no matter where I am encased. In daylight there is a barely visible clear yet textured (to the eye) film. At night the webs are more like dense icy and sometimes sparkly heavy mist or fog. They still can gather or separate or form shapes. There are as aforementioned the curtains/drapes. They are sheer burgundy colored and strangely patterned. These are the things I can put my hand through and it disappears. I am acquainting this to a pass through because in the beginning one night a drape was hanging in front of the verticals on the sliding glass door. I experimented putting my hand through and still new to it all walked through. I found myself appearing to be standing in the opening where there was no longer a door. I was on the second level (I  now have a one story) edge of the floor looking down at a beautiful large yard. It resembled my previous yard but the grass was lush and green. The trees beyond a perfect wooden fence were full and straight as far back as you could see. The sky a brilliant blue. I turned and went back through to the darkened bedroom.
I have avoided going through again except maybe my hand. I am apprehensive now.
There are other components but I don't  want to muddy the water.

The second relevant part is what I named mind travel. I wanted further information from what or whoever. I demanded a tour. I felt movement. I saw things vividly, spoke and was heard. There were levels the highest gold and the very top opened up to a blue sky; reminiscent to the end of Willie Wonka where their capsule broke through the glass into the blue horizen. I did a form of this several times until they got sick of me. LOL
Instead of "Mind Travel" I only find "Astral Projection". There is a big difference though and I can't find anything relating to it.
I am never asleep or dreaming. I am a walking around wide awake willing traveler. From the beginning (don't know why) I always preference it with I am coming back. I can open my eyes at anytime. I am always aware of my surroundings and people.

No matter what I do see or feel I am awake. I wake up (if I am not already) when I sense a presence of what I dubbed "visitors"
They stopped coming when this other whatever took over. I have been suppressing all of it for a long time now. When my daughter-in-law died two months ago. I threw caution to the wind and as she lay on life support. I traveled through the colored tunnels /levels whatever in my mind to heal but I later found out she was no longer there. Upon turning off life support I was able to manifest a goodbye to my son. Her hand moved upward from a straight position. She brought it out from under the sheet and reached for my son. He took her hand and she squeezed his, whoa chills. Since then I have been able to bring about many glaring signs from her. I have let the cows out of the barn might as well pursue.

I just can't (as usual) find anything or anyone like me.
So if I don't Astral Project what is it I do. I've certainly have never seen the silver thread connecting.

Sorry, wrote another novel but to be fair it's been a long time LOL

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Just Stevie
09/06/19 01:13:34AM
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Proof Positive


I still kept trying to reach her talk to her not knowing if she heard me. But there have been other signs
My son is devastated an unconscolable.
My husband & I have been with him at his home since August 3rd but I digress.
My son wasn't sure whether he was sleeping or awake; but he felt his wife pass through him. He said the next day he felt better, calm. He asked me to keep talking to her. I asked Amy to hug him surround him with warmth.
He ventured out for lunch. The waite staff from the restaurant knew him well and asked where was Amy. He had to tell them. Before he knew what was happening total strangers were coming up to him and hugging him. The restaurant comped his meal.
I was being blocked and eventually totally. I couldn't see or feel anything not even the usual. I persisted and slowly it came back and I could go further but never could reach her. However, small signs continued. Then the signs basically stopped.

Now it seems I am paying the price. Everything was coming back fullout; and consuming me. I even have the feeling of my forearm being held I also, again, have the weird churning and pulling feeling inside. The man's face is coming at me from all angles and disguises. I was shocked to see snippets on walls wondows TVs of people going about their business. So far they have stayed behind the first (layer) red shirred pattern curtain so no real descriptions. I can only tell man, women or child and hair styles
This bedroom is completely covered with cream colored curtains that move. So creepy but I would do it all over again to give my son some comfort.
What does it want? Why me? Why won't it just go away?
Just Stevie
08/11/19 01:06:09AM
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Proof Positive


For those who know my situation, it has remained the same.
Me blocking as much as I can to try to have a normal life. Days are for the most part event free. Nights are still filled with the overwhelming claim to my space of crawling webs and web shapes where they individually dominate and rush me. I ignore and press on through. The sheeting is there but with the exceptions of a burst of strength when they turn dark rooms into a maze of sheeting covered deception I ignore it. When it is dense I get a little panicky; not because I am frightened but because I stumble to find doors and objects to feel my way through before my husband notices and freaks out.

Ok - So the real reason I am posting is because if I had any doubts before they are forever gone.
Of course this will be long (as usual) because explanations and detail are critical to explaining how events unfolded...

Saturday morning my son called hysterical telling me my daughter-in-law was dead. In confusion and disbelief I struggled to understand.
He said she was "gone". I, in an attempt to make sense of what he was saying; thought maybe she left him. Between my husband's and my conversation with him, we basically learned paramedics had taken her. My husband and daughter (visiting from out of state) grabbed her 7 mo old baby and took off for a 2 1/2 hour journey. During the trip we learned the paramedics found a pulse and had her breathing. Since I knew my son had done compressions it made sense. When we got there she was in a medically chill induced coma. Believing I had healing powers I began to put my hands on on her and sort through mental obstacles. I had surpressed the man's face for years; that has pursued me through trickery. He would always try to cover my mouth with his; now he can rarely appear. I can instantly send him away.

Eyes closed I faced him dead on (literally) I damned him to hell and told him he was not going to block me. Difficult, to describe the vision even to myself; I searched through different colored levels of transparent filmy patterned layers down hallways which only I saw and knew to be there. Losing focus for a nano second meant back to the beginning and restarting. I could slowly move my head (but not my eyes) to stay in direct contact with any appearing face or change of direction. I searched for, often interrupted, hours. Sweat dripping down my face barely able to stand erect I (telepathically)screamed her name. I could not get passed the blue level. I am sure my husband, son and grandsons thought I was crazy but so overcome with pain they ignored it.

We left her to rest and repair and went home. The next day no change in condition. Through I began my search again but to no avail. Out of steam and ideas, I called my daughter who had to stay behind because of the baby.

I had only discovered in recent months that she was an empath and had been experiencing paranormal events since childhood. She thought it to be the norm.

At a loss, I asked her if she could get to the light and backtrack to meet up with me. I never really got passed blue except for quick glances of purple and possible hints of gold (that I felt would lead to the light). I would soon learn further details that made me realize she was actually dead before paramedics arrived. It was pretty certain it was a sudden death heart attack.

The Doctor gave little hope but would be doing more testing. At that time they would also begin warming her; which had been delayed 3 times feeling she wasn't ready.
The testing and warming was complete around 5:00 a.m.
I woke around 5:00 a.m. and felt all connection to her lost; later, finding out the Dr had pronounced her at that time.
My son was told they wanted to disconnect the ventilator but we were waiting for his older son to arrive from California.
The next morning we all went to say goodbye.

The previous night my daughter had said she reached Amy but not entered the light. She had a feeling of something exit from her body. She saw Amy and felt a light brushing down her arm.

At the hospital I closed my eyes and began my search. This time it came easily. The color was purple (it didn't occur to me at the time but later it was pointed out) her favorite color
Beings (?) were swirling around and above her bed. A few came to the head of the bed and bent over her as if to kiss or whisper to her. Some seemed cloacked and hooded. Faces swirled in and out of view. I came face to face, yet still separated by a flimsy drape, with many. Although features were apparent not enough for recognition. We each sought out blind trust.
I was asking Amy to give Steven a sign. I lost connection when the team came in to disconnect.

After the team left we stood gathered around as her vitals slipped away. My son stood on the right side next to her bed. I stood next to him. I looked at the sheet and it was moving. Not that unusual. I often see things move that no one else sees or that even actually move. As the movement continued upward I asked my son if he was seeing it and amazingly he was. Everyone saw it. His wife's hand came out from under the cover and I told my son she was reaching for his hand. He grasped it and felt her return the touch. Everyone saw it! This women had been dead for quite sometime. It was not a natural movement of death. Her other hand was relaxed as were her legs and feet. We gave our goodbyes as the color drained from her face.

Since then there had been other signs although not as dramatic. I am convinced my daughter-in-law is trying to help my son get through the devastating lose. She was his world.

Just Stevie
06/09/19 01:44:53PM
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22 Degree Rainbow Halo


Thank you Moonshine
I love that rendition of that song 🎶🎶 👍😊
You made my day!
Just Stevie
06/07/19 04:41:19PM
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22 Degree Rainbow Halo


original I saw the most awesome thing today. (Actually now it's yesterday forgot to send 🤪)

I was floating in my pool and I looked up and saw a HUGE grayish circle with colored rings around it.

I was mesmerized and felt strangely drawn to it. I felt like it meant something but I wasn't  sure what. The sun was in the center and quite small in relation to the circle.

Luckily my husband saw it too. I don't need any additional "strange" stuff in my life LOL

I looked it up and apparently it is rare and it appears with cirrus clouds. It is actually hexagonal ice crystals.

It felt like I was looking at the black hole. There is some Spiritual aspect to it as well. 

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Just Stevie
03/24/19 08:25:32AM
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All in My Mind



I started a message to you the same day I received yours but I never finished it and now I can't find it

Didnt forget you it's hard to get time to work on these as it causes a riff