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I am on a quest to find peace. I worry too much, stress way too much. I need to find balance. I am healer and learning to stretch my abilities. Please feel free to talk to me! I am always here to talk.

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Curious Child
12/15/17 02:26:47PM @curious-child:

Hi. I think we have a bit similar feelings. I just want you to know, that you might be not alone feeling this way here.

I will be following you. What if we could find understanding in each others struggles? Possibly a way out?

Cheshire Cat
04/05/18 12:22:26PM @cheshire-cat:

Thanks for the offer @finding-peace.  I don't know what sort of healing you do. I may have already tried it. I've been sick for 33 yrs. and have tried almost everything that I could afford. I am game for anything new if I have the energy to try. :-)