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Triggers or something else?

By: Emmy Long
Posted in: empath life

So today my counselor and I were discussing triggers. I was talking with him about how I was driving and all of a sudden started to experience some anxiety when I was passing a road I used to live on. While I was living on that road, I was at probably the lowest point of my life. The house is filled with so many terrible memories, but I have overcome everything that happened to me while I was there, or at least I thought I had. My therapist told me I was likely triggered by the memories. And I suppose that explanation makes sense logically. I have been triggered by things before, and I suppose the term I would use to describe how I felt would be "anxious." The problem is this time it didn't feel like that empty anxiety I normally feel when something is triggering. This time it was more real. I almost want to use the word "thick." It was closer to the way I felt when I was living there than what I feel when I'm triggered by a past experience.

So then I had to think about this for a minute and I got to thinking about how time is not linear. And that we are simultaneously experiencing everything we ever have done and ever will do all at once. Maybe something to do with that is why I felt this way? I feel like I know deep down what happened but I can't bring it to the surface because I don't have the words in my vocabulary to explain it. If anyone has ever had a similar experience, or knows what this might have been, I'm all ears. :)

Emmy Long
03/01/18 02:00:37PM @emmy-long:

Hey, Violet. So to back up, normally when I experience anxiety from something from the past, I feel it kind of like when I feel someone else's emotions. It's like this knowledge that the feeling is there, but that it doesn't belong to me. But when I was driving past this road, it felt thick, like how I experience my own emotions while they're happening. That subtle difference that let's me know it's my own emotion and not that of someone else. So maybe in this context, "thick" and "real" are synonymous? Yes that sounds good, haha. It felt real and present and not like a memory. I really hope I explained that well.

star love~pritha~ dancing love-
03/18/18 09:32:33PM @star-lovepritha-dancing-love:

All events are actually connected, and time is an illusion. As an empath you are already in your emotional body, and emotional body in itself does not have space or boundary , it just is. The mind, or constraints of mind establish boundaries. The will instead to have a line where we do not want to make an allowance for anything foreign. But the emotional body just is, and the limitations of time do not hold it back. Several events and memories are all tied together. One might trigger another and so on, but there is always some commonality between those emotions. Emotions might teach us just as much. It takes a lot of focus and development to actually pause and notice your triggers, because they might have an underlying solution, and it is always within your grasp to notice.