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I know what's happening, I just don't know the words

By: Emmy Long
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I haven't posted for a while. It's not that I don't have things to say, I just don't know how to say them lately! :) things are happening in the world right now on levels that I don't know how to explain because I don't know the words for them. I feel it all changing again and even though I can't find a word for WHAT those things are, I just keep feeling it and thinking to myself "here we go again". It's like I just automatically know what it is an what's happening but I can't say it because it's not in my vocabulary. Does anyone else understand what I'm trying to say or is this all just gibberish? Haha. It's frustrating to not have words and it seems that's been the norm for me for a couple weeks now.
05/31/15 09:30:13AM @dice:

That is why I use numbers.. music.. or other means to get the message across sometimes. I The numbers are mostly for me, but sometimes the lyrics in songs can do help to get the feeling across to others. Keeping it simple can be difficult when there are no words.. I hope you find a way to help you that will make it easier for you to express what you are feeling, or to know what you need to do as a result.