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Jesus loves the outcasts

By: Emmy Long
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Now I don't identify with any one religion. It's not that I dismiss any of them as invalid, I just don't know what I believe yet. But this song by the Christian group Relient K really hits home for me. It's called "Failure to excommunicate" and I think it's beautiful and embodies the empath viewpoint. Here are my favorite lyrics "Jesus loved the outcastsHe loves the ones the world just loves to hateAnd as long as there's a HeavenThere'll be a failure to excommunicateThe world just keeps you at an arm's lengthEvery week you work up the strengthTo fight the flames that are hurled, let your faith shine right throughYou know it's the world versus Jesus and youIt's disgusting, their prioritiesHow we're entrusting them with authorityTheir gavel's gone down before they looked in your heartThey finished this racism before they reached the start"Whether it's Jesus giving me the grace to see who people truly are, or some other force, I could not be more greatful for this gift. We see people's hearts. There truest intentions and desires. And because of this, I realize how beautiful the human race is. We as empaths have been given a peek into the goodness of others that most don't get. Don't let your vision be fooled by the few bad people out there, or the cruelty that the do. People are good. <3 YOU are good. And of we all join together, WE can be great.