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Go hug your family/friends, they love you so much

By: Emmy Long
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Today I was reminded how lucky I am to have the beautiful parents that I have.I had been struggling with some stuff lately and really just trying to handle it on my own. But I finally cracked and broke down and called my mom crying. I was afraid to tell her because I knew she'd worry about me even more than she already does. And I knew she'd tell my dad and he's not a very gentle person. I've always known he loves me, but he can be very mean and not very understanding.My mom was so sweet though. She just told me how much she loves me and asked how she could help. <3 She cried with me and told me never to keep stuff from her because I'm her child and her first priority. It's amazing having that kind of support in my life. I'm in that weird stage where I'm an adult, but still growing up. And I need to remember that it's ok to ask mom and dad for help sometimes.Then I had to face my dad and I was terrified. He actually terrifies me. But he didn't yell or lecture or get mad like he usually does. He basically just told me to keep working hard and it would be ok. He reminded me I'm only 23 and there's plenty of time. I was so touched and surprised. That might not seem very sentimental to some, but coming from a person like my it's huge.As empath, the whole situation was so emotional. I felt my moms hurt for me, and her love. I felt my dad's disappointment but understanding. I feel better now. Never forget how important family is. <3