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All this talk about roommates...

By: Emmy Long
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I've had some bad luck with roommates. I finally found some that I thought were going to work out. I thought wrong. I was smart enough to state from the very beginning that we would only do this on a month to month basis and see how things went. I did NOT put them on my lease. Thank goodness, because today I had to have the talk with them about finding a new place. They took it ok.Things were going great for the first two months. But lately theyve been fighting nonstop (they're a couple). I've had an awful cold all week and was looking forward to this past weekend so I could rest. Well Friday night the man wakes me up and says the girl got mad and left and went to drink at her friends. I guess she calle him and said some boy at her friends house kept touching her and se wanted to come home. He asked if I'd drive him to pick her up. I didn't want the girl to get hurt so I look at the time, 3:15am!! But I took him anyways because I didn't want anything to happen to her. We got to the house and she was drunk and belligerent and wouldn't leave. So I got up for nothing.The next morning rolls around and I wake up at 9am to the girl calling my phone asking if her boyfriend was at our apartment. I told her he was gone and so was some of his stuff. So she gets back and vents to me about how she's so over him, blah blah blah. Next thing you know later that night she's knocking on my door waking me up asking if I'll drive her to where he is because his friends called and said he's drunk tryig to start fights. So once again I drag myself out of bed and drive her over there.So much for my restful weekend! This event was the straw that broke the camels back. I told them they have until the 10th of next month to be out. Geesh! I'm beginning to think it's impossible to live with other people. Or maybe it's me! :) Either way I just thought I'd share my little story since so many here have posted about living situations lately.