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06/07/14 08:16:47PM @bing:

Hi Emmy

Welcome to the EC. It is very nice to meet you. Drop by and visit the Library of Inspiration. I am including some links from the Library that will help you begin to understand more about us and yourself.

Has Anyone Told You

I AM Awake

(Dead URL) http://empathcommunity.eliselebeau.com/group/libraryofinspiration/forum/topics/i-am-awake/a>

On Being an Empath

(Dead URL) http://empathcommunity.eliselebeau.com/group/libraryofinspiration/forum/topics/on-being-an-empath/a>

I Deserve / Be the Light

(Dead URL) http://empathcommunity.eliselebeau.com/group/libraryofinspiration/forum/topics/i-deserve/a>

Take 30 Seconds and Change the World


When you visit the Library look up the topic "Indigo and Crystal People".

Throw some love into the wind


06/07/14 08:16:59PM @bing:
Red Ribbon
Bill Walker
03/08/17 01:55:30PM @bill-walker:

Nice to see you again, welcome back!