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Intuitive Tune Up (2): Overcoming the Fear of a Cold Reading

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Cheshire Cat
11/25/19 07:49:45AM @cheshire-cat:

Thanks Elise!

You've just answered a question I've had for years now. I could not figure out why my readings on people I do not know, have not met, and have not even seen a photo of, are so much more detailed and accurate than readings on people I know.

I wondered if maybe my own emotional desires and fears were interfering. Thanks for the confirmation.

How can we overcome that and do a better job with people we do know? I especially have trouble reading people when the answers I get may have a strong affect on my own life. 

11/25/19 07:57:25AM @eliselebeau:

Yes, you were totally right! You have to be in a neutral emotional state while you're doing the reading!  

I show my favorite neutrality technique in my online intuitive training