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What are the Posting Guidelines for this site?

By: EliseLebeau
Posted in: FAQ

1. Our community is based on kindness, respect and support.
When posting a reply, ask yourself if you feel your comment will help others. Our new members might be scared, hurt or in shock. We want them to feel comfortable and safe.

2. Topics in the "Empath" forum category are exclusively about Empaths.
Why? Because our new members might be confused about who they are. We want to make it easy for them to relate. If you want to talk about astrology, depression, haunting, spirits, ghosts, religious/spiritual beliefs, psy vamps, paranormal events, new age topics, share poetry or short stories, please do so in your blog or in our fantastic forum categories. We don't discuss mental health: we ask that you seek professional help if in doubt, as none here is qualified to offer guidance.

3. Share your opinions respectfully.
Please don't argue your point with other members. If you feel uncomfortable about something, use the Top Menu > Your Username > Support link.

4. Resolve your conflicts privately.
If you don't like other members, we suggest you ignore them or resolve your conflict via private message. We do not allow abuse or flame wars anywhere on this site.

5. We do not allow discussions encouraging drug use.

6. Keep your language clean.
Please do not use swear words, even abbreviating or blanking out the letters. No sex talk anywhere in the main forums or blogs.

7. No soliciting, advertising or spamming.
You can promote your services or in our Offers and Services category or on in your Blog. Do not advertise your services by sending mass emails to members in any group. This will get you banned immediately.

9. No Re-Posting.
Please post a discussion in one location (group, main forum, blog, etc) only. We do not allow multiple posts of the same discussion to be put throughout the site and consider this spamming.

10. Your posts can be deleted, edited, and/or closed for comments.
If the Moderators feel you have violated a posting guideline, we will either notify you directly on the discussion or send you a private message. If you have posted in the wrong place we will ask you to copy your discussion and paste it into a new discussion in the proper group. Posts can be deleted, edited and closed for comments if in violation of our guidelines.

11. We reserve the right to ban anyone without notice.
We investigate every report of abuse by other members and will ban if the abuse continues or if the offending member is simply not able to participate according to the rules of this site. If we feel a member is not a good fit for this web site, they will be banned. Members are required to follow the guidelines set forth by the community and failure to do so can result in banning. We know this is entirely subjective but it's the system we use.

12. Terms of Service
By registering with us, using or browsing this network, you have agreed to our Terms of Service .
As stated in our terms of service, any reading provided on this web site is for entertainment purposes only and constitutes a personal opinion. If you have questions about your health (mental or physical), please consult a licensed physician.

Violating our posting guideline can get you banned from our site. We don't do it lightly but it does happen.
Also, before you get upset with us for doing something you didn't like, please remember that we’re only human...we do our best but cannot please everyone.

In love,
Elise and the Moderators