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In the past I have tended to be viewed as an extremely emotionally unstable person. People have shied away from me and the energy of my life was just difficult. 

Fortunately for me I am a determined,  open minded, fast learner. Once I decide I want change I work hard for it. I accept that there will be difficulties and am not afraid to be broken down by those difficulties because I trust myself to get through it.  

With that being said here is what I have learned. 

It is an understatement to say that we are all different. I have found for myself that most of the conventional methods for dealing with empathy do not work very long for me. These things do.

The first and newest tool for me is fasting . I began this a little over a month ago and once I did my first full day, I noticed an immediate change. I also learned even more just how food affects me.

I noticed that I could feel people more deeply and that the energies left me as soon as I was no longer in their presence. I am an experimenter of sorts so I tried different methods and analyzed their effectiveness. 

The most effective approach I found was what some would call a super fast. 

 I consume absolutely nothing. Not even water. After the first 12 hours I noticed my body begin to chill and my heart beat slow. During sleep, which was hard to accomplish, I felt my mind completely empty itself. It felt as though the energy was being pulled out of me. When I awoke I felt amazing. The heaviness of the world was present but not inside of me. Later that coolness that felt seemed as though it was energizing my body. I still had plenty of energy in fact I felt I had more. Large crowds where a bit overwhelming the first time but not so much that I had to remove myself. 

The second method that has greatly improved my quality of life includes an herb heavy diet. For myself I have found mint to be very useful. It is the most effective when I consume herbs first after a fast. I either eat or drink them in a tea or broth. I have learned what I believe to be the true meaning about our living in a digital world. Using herbs as an example, a lot of what today's medicine attempts to do herbs can naturally do, without the side effects. For me medicine is the digital mimicry of the analogous herb. 

Following with the digital v.s analog idea I view a lot of food items in the same way. In doing so I have changed how often I eat. With chakras the emotions are processed in the sacral chakra which is by the stomach. Being that empathy deals with emotions and most empaths I talk to have issues with their stomach I believe that is why fasting has had such a great effect for me. I have taken it a step further and most days I only eat once. I know this sounds extreme however I have also found it to work greatly for me. The reason I chose this way of consuming foods is because of how I feel when I do this. I feel good and at peace with myself.  I wait 12 hours between meals and I will consume food for up to a 4 hour period. 

Another change I have made is how I speak. I try to only speak in terms of I, unless I am directly addressing someone. When I do this I feel the energy of people change both within themselves and towards me. It is also my way of fully acknowledging that we are all different. Things that I may find helpful may not be helpful to another. Words are also very crude symbolic representations of things they could never truly explain. Even all the things I have written thus far could be interpreted by another in terms completely contrary to what I mean to express.

I have found that changing my view of myself, particularly with relationship to the world we live in has also relieved a great deal of stress. I am different, I view the world differently, even from those who are like minded. Sometimes those differences are very small, but I have found it useful to give respect to even the smallest part of myself. In doing this I have felt life open up for me. Even the way I interact with the world has changed for the greater. I do not expect myself to fit into any category nor do I expect to be understood. 

I also listen to myself fully and trust myself, even if my thinking seems crazy. As I have said earlier I believe words to be crude symbols of what is. Even my own interpretation of what I am feeling is a crude representation of what my intuition is trying to show me. So rather than try to fully understand I simply trust myself. The more I do this, the greater my understanding has become and the better my days are, even the bad ones. Even when they I bad, I knew, without knowing, what I was getting into, so I am able to handle it.

I have let go of the concept of morality. I have often read or heard stories told of an event by several people involved in said situation. What I have noticed is several interpretations all of which defining their moral rightness in the situation. When I hear with an open mind I can understand where all are coming from and I can also see how we got so disconnected and judgemental of one another. I interpret what it means to be moral different from the next person, and because of this I find it impossible to live harmoniously with others using moral guidelines. Instead I do not worry about right and wrong, I give attention to what is and if it is possible to change, or if change is even needed.

Lastly I have changed I view my existence. I do not take in the world as others do. Most of what I feel does not even belong to me. Once I accepted that as my reality, dealing with others has become easy. For example when I engage in a conversation and feel nervous or angry, or whatever I feel, it is more often than not the other person feeling nervous, or angry, or whatever. I do not just see the world with my eyes nor do I simply feel myself, I feel the world. 

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Thank you for sharing :)

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