Visiting Strangers while I'm meditating

5 years ago
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I use guided mediation from YouTube Because I stay more focus when being lead. I have been meditating for a few weeks now.But the last 3 nights while I'm meditating I'm seeing people. And animals. And a couple was disturbing. I want to share with y'allThe first time I was on track with the guide as I was mentally looking a cross a green field with flowers ( my happy place) and the sun was out and as I was admiring the scene I was turning and I seen I was standing beside a house and then I seen a lady in a rocking chair in the front yard in front of a porch just rocking away laughing. She was in her mid 60's she had on a blues plad short sleeve button up shirt on with light colored jeans. Kind of gray hair. And then I could tell there was another lady about the same age talking to her and that's why she was laughing but I couldn't see her as clear be cause I was focused on the one in the chair. Then the one I seen in the chair seen me and quit rocking and stared at me then I could see a small cartoon like skeleton in her body and I started focusing on it then things got dark and all I could see was the skeleton and it was full size at this point and was getting up out of the chair then my mind went back to the guides voice. So vividLast night while mediating and the guide was leading me though a green Forrest out into an opening at the seashore , she said there is your spiritual guide and my mind went to a busy street to a guy in his thirtys was walking by me holding a child's hand and another child on the other side walking beside him. Both childern were girls with straight hair He was smoking a cigarette and he turned and looked at me as he walked by but he kept right on walking , didn't stop and then I turned and I was in a parking lot and I heard a dog bark and I started looking around for the dog and a red dog ran up to me. Short haired dog with slick shiny hair and I dropped to me knees to greet it and as it got to me I seen it only had one eye. The eye on the left (when facing the dog) wasnt there. It was never there. No eye socket or anything. It jumped it to my arms and I hugged it for a moment and it was licking me but then my mind went back to the meditation guide back to the beach at two chairs she was saying to ask your spiritual guide anything you want too but no one one was there in the other chair.The dog acted like it knew me it was older than a puppy but not full grown and was about knee high.The woman in the Rocking chair resembled Brooke Alderson, the movie actress but it wasn't her.the guy walking with the children was wearing jeans, button up shirt with long sleeves which was rolled up to his elbows. He was an average guy. Hair wasn't long but stuck out from under his hat. He was just a normal guy.That needed s trim. Do you think the skeleton was telling me this Lady had passed on or what.Everything and everybody was real, not dream like. Do any of you see this clearly when meditating ? Or is my mind just wondering off during meditation. ?
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