Pressure during chakra meditation

Emmy Long
Emmy Long
6 years ago
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Since finding this community I have been meditating a lot more and it's becoming easier. I have been doing chakra meditations for about a month now and something different happened last night when I did it. Everything felt normal for the bottom two chakras but the top five were different. Starting with my solar plexus chakra I felt pressure right where the chakra I was concentrating was. It felt like something was pushing into my body right at that spot. It happened with my heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras as well. It felt so real I actually felt the area of my solar plexus with my hand to see if my shirt was pulled tight or if I had a button there or something. There was nothing. I'm wondering if this was a good thing and what I felt was them opening or if it was bad and this means they are blocked. I'm still new to meditation so any information is greatly appreciated.
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