Meditation experiences, do you see things????

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Hello everyone,

I had a strange experience last night while meditating. I did an hour long meditation and had two flashes of something. One was a scene looked to be in Washington D.C. near the reflecting pool, it was a grandmother and a little girl about 4. They were African American. They were sitting on a bench. They both wore white. The little girl was crying because her mom wasn't coming back, I'm not sure if she had died or just left. She was so devastated! The other was a flash of a face. It was really close to my face so it scared me. It was different looking. I've never experienced this before so it surprised me. Is this a normal thing? Are there other things that can happen that I am not aware of :)

Oh, and last night was the first time I used crystals while meditating, so did that have something to do with it?



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I experience this every time I meditate. My mind will be calm and it's not my thoughts. I do this with or with using crystals but it may well be your crystals amplifying your senses. It's very strange how we do this and we don't know the people or the places. I do this also when I'm not meditating but not as often. The visions I see while meditating last longer than when I'm not meditating. And when something comes into my focus, while meditating that scares me or startles me I say "only beings of the light is aloud in my space and meditation " and I center myself again that usually stops the "uglies" .
Hop Daddy
Hop Daddy
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@4peace :

I think crystals are a must when meditating. I think some will disagree and maybe don't need them. But I find that using crystals really enhances what happens. What crystals did you use?

When I see things I usually see a 20 second clip of some event where people are interracting. It seems really random when that happens and can be similar to what you experienced with the little girl where you are left wondering what that was all about. And then other times I see people's faces almost like someone is dealing flashcards with faces to me. I'll see one at a time for a few seconds each. I never know who the people are and still haven't figured out what I am being shown.

Separately from meditating I will from time to time I will have dreams where I meet stranger that I have a very deep connection with. And then I will a few days later run into that exact person in real life out in public (usually at a store). And as I make eye contact with that person there is a look of familiarity from them even though we have never met them before in person. Another mystery to figure out. 

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