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I've been in a long distance relationship with a friend I've known for years for the past six months. It hasn't been a perfect relationship mostly due to the distance but we have always been able to communicate. He knows that I have gifts and am working on them with another medium, he has gifts as well. (yes I'd be asking her for help but she is so busy and overworked right now and I don't want to take advantage of her) Anyway he suddenly stopped messaging me on the 14th of October. I still haven't heard form him. All forms of media that we communicated on show he hasn't seen my messages or even logged in. On the 29th I decided enough was enough and sent him messages saying I wanted to end the relationship because I didn't like being ignored, and I still wanted to be friends and that maybe the timing was just bad. I left messages on his voicemail as well. Anyway as I was sending the message all the lights imediatly above my desk started blinking then turned off. None of the other lights in the office did this, not even the ones that were on the same light switch. I went and flipped the switch a few times and called out to my boss asking if she could see anything around me that I could't. She said she felt a spirit that really likes me likes me. That was all she said, as like I said she is very busy right now. She ran to the rest room when she came out I tild her about just sending the breakup messages and how the timing had me worried, she didn't have any more information for me other than a spirit around me likes me likes me. The lights did it to me again after she went back to her office. I still can't get a hold of him, and it shows he still hasn't logged into anything. his phone rings forever before going to voicemail, I checked online and can't find anything about him, even went as far as checking the obits. Does anyone have a feeling on this? I'm really stressed. He's to nice of a guy to "ghost" on me instead of actually breaking up. 

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