22 Degree Rainbow Halo

Just Stevie
Just Stevie
4 months ago
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original I saw the most awesome thing today. (Actually now it's yesterday forgot to send πŸ€ͺ)

I was floating in my pool and I looked up and saw a HUGE grayish circle with colored rings around it.

I was mesmerized and felt strangely drawn to it. I felt like it meant something but I wasn'tΒ  sure what. The sun was in the center and quite small in relation to the circle.

Luckily my husband saw it too. I don't need any additional "strange" stuff in my life LOL

I looked it up and apparently it is rare and it appears with cirrus clouds. It is actually hexagonal ice crystals.

It felt like I was looking at the black hole. There is some Spiritual aspect to it as well.Β 

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4 months ago
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Hi stevie; great to see you hangin' with us again! Awesome photo of a sun dog.

I'd look at it as a good occurrence. Here's someone who thinks the same:


Rainbows hold special significance for me. When I was in my 20s, I was driving down the NJ turnpike and saw the end of a rainbow at the side of the road. I stopped, got out of the car and danced in the rainbow....too bad the pot of gold was at the other end! Laugh I see a great many double rainbows too.

I have my own special rainbow that frequently appears over the river where I live. It is complete and very small, covering the beach I sit and swim at. First time I saw it my son was little and we had a big flood here. Our house was the only one that didn't get flooded....and still never does. The day before that big flood, we were driving home and 2 huge sylph like Angels were right over our little valley looking down. With that and the rainbow, I told my son we'd be safe here. He also had a dream 2 days before that flood, saying he went into the neighborhood houses and they had sparkling light inside them....this was a devastating flood for many communities and although homes in our neighborhood took in water, it was mild compared to most.

I'm gonna say this is a promise of better things for you.


I was abandoned by wolves and raised by my parents.
Just Stevie
Just Stevie
4 months ago
178 posts
Thank you Moonshine
I love that rendition of that song 🎢🎢 πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
You made my day!

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