How to make sense of this???

2 years ago
23 posts goes. I was visiting family out of state. I’ve been visiting for years. After my dad passed, my frequency for spirit energies has increased off the meter and I don’t understand how to navigate these experiences. 

Recently, I saw two spirits. While sitting outside on a warm summer night, talking with a family member, a spirit just appeared. I could see him as clear as day as though he were actually alive. He was a young boy dressed in a blue uniform similar to those worn by union soldiers in the Civil war. He was wounded,I could see where he was shot. The entire time, he just sat there. I felt like he wanted me to acknowledge him. At first, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Something just occurred to me though. I said he “just appeared.” But that’s not true. As I was talking to my cousin, I could see him in my periferal view. I thought it was a friend of my cousin’s but there was no way he could have slipped past us without being noticed. Doing wait to see if my cousin would speak to “him.” He doesn’t. I continue the convo with my cousin but still noticing the boy. He sat slumped in the chair with his foot out. I happened to turn my head in his direction and that is when I SAW him. He didn’t say a word. He just sat. Convinced my eyes were playing tricks on me I blinked a few times to “refocus” my eyes. Took a second look and the boy is still there. I was startled not by him but the shock of him sitting there and the fact that I could see him. Still engaging in the convo with cousin and wanting so badly to ask him if he too see’s the boy. Instead, I ask,”have you ever seen a spirit?” Of course he says he has not. Now I was convinced, only I could see him.

A few days later, at my mom’s house sitting outside on another warm summer night, I see a woman sitting on the hood of my mom’s car. She definitely wasn’t from this time period. Her energy was sad. It almost felt as though she were hung. It sickens me to even say that but I promised myself I’d tell it all the way I experienced it.

Both times I never felt they came to bring harm. The boy just wanted someone to see him but the lady was just there. 

I don’t know what to make of this and what to do when this happens. Does anyone have any experience with these experiences? I would really like to understand and do right by these spirits.

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