A New Twist to Old Trap

Just Stevie
Just Stevie
2 years ago
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Since there isn't enough going on in my life (NOT!)

A few days ago I was taking a shower. I have a walk-in double shower w/an open doorway . All of a sudden I felt a cold breeze. I walked forward toward the opening. I called out to my husband to see if he had done anything. He wasn't there. As I looked out I saw kind of a white cloud filling the room; like you would see from a meat locker when you open the door and the cold air meets the warm outer air or when you see your breath when it is cold outside. Within seconds it was gone. I wouldn't have thought anything of it but it happened 2 more times during my shower. I have not experienced it again.
Music /words started coming from upper left corner as though there were a speaker there. Though, that has happen before.

Add in the web traps that constantly encompass me..... They now are visable to me even during the day or in a lighted room. Leaving the TV on all night somewhat subdues them. Then they are almost invisible and in dark they can be black thin/thick or sparked. I am surrounded by them anywhere I am in and out of my house. Sometimes they seemed to float over the floor and appear as though covered with water.
The draping of walls, furniture and everything else happens in darkness. It is very disorienting. It gives the feel of a fun house

Of course, the man's face still rushes toward me whenever I close my eyes or look in any direction too long.
I can't help wondering what would happen if he got to me before I could open or divert my eyes. He changes faces quickly and often. He always approaches with his mouth open but not like a kiss. Sometimes wearing glasses. He seems hurt and confused each time rebuffed. There is is a strong undercurrent of anger when I recoil

Not to forget the continuous sound of an orchestra playing in the background. I have often, for many years; heard music/singing/announcing. This is different. Sometimes not familiar, sometimes very much so ie. "Hello Dolly" "The Stripper" even "Looney Tunes" Ever changing mostly mid song. I have had to catch myself from saying "PLEASE turn that music off!" Then I remember "duh" only I hear it.
I want to just give up then I realize I don't have that luxury!

I am starting to think maybe my husband is right. No one else hears, sees or experiences what I do. I must be crazy or brain damaged.
I have to walk on egg shells with others because I am not sure if something I see is actually there or not. I have to be constantly on alert.

2 years ago
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I am sorry to everyone I went MIA on. I have been going through some changes in my life, and I am still not sure how I'm taking them. I feel very useless here Stevie, as I am still trapped in myself, and I have no idea what to do or where to go anymore. Again, I apologize for disappearing.

@Paul When you see this, I have asked for them to allow your help if you are willing. If you are, you might find that they will allow you to now. I am sorry, I tried, but with the current limits I have on everything right now, nothing that I can do does much more than make things worse. Just let us know. Thank you!

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