Animal spirits in dreams?

Merin Eliz
Merin Eliz
3 years ago
104 posts
So, recently I've been getting animal spirits around me. Sometimes in dreams, sometimes awake. I was waking up and I heard a dog bark just near my face. I mentally smile at it and that seemed to make it happy. Then one time there was a cat. It just came and went. I don't know if these are actual spirits or what I should do. But they make me kind of feel calm. Do you think these could be animal spirits?
3 years ago
45 posts

Aww that is just too cute and fluffy!

Imagine if we all have adorable animal spirits around us all the time, ahhhh that would bring such comfort and peace in my heart.

I don't have any advice to give as I haven't had any similar experience to yours, but I would absolutely prefer meows and barks to random creepy whispers and shouts that I hear from time to time.

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