Free coaching for overwhelmed empaths (changing patterns)

2 years ago
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When I was in bad empath overwhelm I have myself taken part in a coaching program for empaths and it was helpful, even though I still needed to learn a lot of extra things to deal with my major empath-related issues. 

So I've spent the past years researching a broad range of natural health topics as well, including certifying in Ayurvedic nutrition (traditional Indian medicine) and Reiki and learning a lot of different practices for working with the body, mind, and energy from a range of traditions, too (starting with Buddhist Vipassana meditation finishing with Japanese Butoh dance ;-)

I've noticed that I really enjoy talking and sharing about these topics, and had exciting exchanges with a few friends regarding these topics. One of them suggested, why don't I teach some of that stuff to people who might be interested (rather than boring everybody else with it on a daily basis ;-)

So because I benefitted greatly from getting some personal support at the beginning of my empath journey, I thought I might as well try. I have no experience in coaching except for a basic "intro to counselling" course and giving Ayurvedic nutritional consultations, but since I have received quite a bit of support form various people I believe that I could pass some of that on. 

So I thought that if you are interested or know someone who might be, I'd be happy to have a series of targeted (at a specific issue) meetings (over Skype, most likely) for free obviously, to fine tune the ways that I can be of help.  

If this may be for you, please PM me.

You can read more about my experience and approach here (and also my version of various empath how-to's).

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