Free energy body readings and healing work (with report)

2 years ago
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Last year I've discovered that apparently just like I can get a feel for a person's energy body from looking at them, I can do so also over distance by focussing on them. I have been testing this for a while on new people from the web in order to verify whether what I sense is coherent with their physical and mental conditions (which I'm deliberately not asking about before the reading). 

It turns out that what I see can sometimes be helpful for people; and since I'm a Reiki practitioner (master level) and also apparently have intuitive access to other energy work modalities (no idea what they are called, "it just happens"), I can also use what I see and sense to guide healing sessions. 

Since these sessions are usually highly regenerating and fulfilling for me also (I just get "in the flow" I guess doing my thing), I'm happy to offer some to people from here who are interested. 

Since I'm experienced with bodywork (work with touch and movement to address psycho-physical issues), I can also sometimes suggest ways to work with your body where I sense issues. 

I usually write people a follow-up e-mail reporting on anything I've seen, sensed, "done" (although I feel more like it "does itself") or that otherwise came to me. 

If you feel this may benefit you, feel free to contact me.

I'm also very happy to swap sessions/readings. 

You can also read more about my approach / background (and every sort of rambling) on my website

Hop Daddy
Hop Daddy
2 years ago
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@sashaw :

I think I may be interested. I'll private message you.

Dawn Jones
Dawn Jones
2 years ago
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I would love to swap services with you. I am also Reiki Master Level.

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